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University Wide Data


2008-2009 Fact Book Data

Organization & General Information

Mission & Position Statements


Degrees, Academic Offerings, and Accreditations
Program Additions, Eliminations, and Name Changes
University Housing
Buildings and Grounds Information
Tuition and Fees
University-Wide Retention/Graduation Rates

Admissions Trends & Data (New Students & New Transfers)

First Time in College Enrollments by Race and Gender
First Time in College Enrollments by Pennsylvania Counties
First Time in College Enrollments by States
Enrollment of all New Students, by Major
Types of Acceptances Offered to New Students
Applications & Acceptances
High School Rank of new students
Distribution of SAT Scores of New Students
Average SAT Scores of New students
Transfer Students by Race and Gender

Enrollment Trends and Data (Existing and new students)

Total University Enrollments by Campus, Status & Gender
Total University Enrollments by College
Total University Enrollments by State
Total University Enrollments by PA County
Total University Enrollments by Age
Total University Enrollments by Race
Total University Enrollments by Race & Gender
Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Enrollments
Enrollment by Residency
Country of Origin - International Students
Summer Enrollments
Undergraduate Headcount by Class Level
Course FTE (Full-time equivalent)
Student Faculty Ratios

Majors, Minors, and Degrees Awarded

Data is provided on non-primary majors as well as primary majors.

Enrollment by Majors - Primary Majors Only
Enrollment by Majors - Primary Majors Plus Non-primary majors
Fall 2008 Majors, by Race & Gender - Primary Majors Only
Enrollment By Level - Primary Majors Plus Non-Primary Majors
Enrollment by Minors
Degrees Awarded by Major

Grades & QPA Data

Undergraduate Cumulative Grade Point Averages
Grades Awarded in Undergraduate Classes

Staffing - Fall 2008

Full-Time Employees By Job Classification, by Race and Gender
Tenured Faculty by College
Instructional Faculty Headcount & Full Time Equivalent
Instructional Faculty by Department and Gender