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LTC Staff

LTC Staff

  • Darla Ausel
    Learning Technology Center Manager  and Instructional Designer

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Darla has 15 years of experience as an instructional designer in higher education (and K-12). Her background is in management and communication; she has also completed graduate courses in the instructional systems program at Penn State with an emphasis on distance education and online course development. Her professional goals are to support faculty and students at the university and K-12 level in effectively integrating technology through meaningful learning experiences, to investigate and share emerging technologies, and to develop and evaluate new models for integrating technology into the classroom. Darla is also the Desire2Learn system administrator for Clarion University.

  • Bruce Exley
    Smart classroom technician and chief operator of WCUC-FM Radio

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Bruce Exley has a dual role as the smart classroom technician and the chief operator of WCUC-FM radio. He also oversees the digital resources area for the LTC as well as serving as back-up support for the campus TV station. He has over 30 years experience in audio and visual systems and has completed degree and certification studies in business management, audio engineering, computer information systems, and audio/video technology for education.

  • Suzanne Homan
    Technology Support Analyst

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Suzanne recently joined the LTC from the University of Pittsburgh, Titusville where she was a Computer Science adjunct. Suzanne also has 8 years of experience as an Instructional Technology Specialist/technology support in K-8, and 15 years communications and design experience. Her background is in Communication Education and Mass Media Technology with additional emphasis in Instructional Technology (ITS certification-Instructional Technology Specialist). Her professional goals are to support faculty and students in using the Learning Management System at the university and assist faculty with effective course design for the online environment and implementation of learning technology in the face-to-face classroom.

  • LTC Student Assistants

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