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Honorary Degrees

Procedure No. - 60.030
Date Approved: 9/13/89
Date Revised: 5/1/96
Issued 8/1/96 By: President's Office



Clarion University is proud and privileged to recognize persons who have made outstanding achievements and contributions to the institution, to the Commonwealth, to an academic discipline, and to society by the awarding of an honorary degree. Such degrees recognize distinguished scholarship, and accomplishments in humanities, the arts, sciences, the professions, public service, and service to mankind.

Because an honorary degree is an academic award, which reflects the high ideals and values of Clarion University, the recipients shall exemplify the concepts of excellence, service, and integrity.


The Honorary Degree Committee shall consist of the six persons holding the following offices, or their designees: University Provost; Chairperson, Faculty Senate; Vice Chairperson, Faculty Senate; President, Student Senate; President, Alumni Association Board; Chairperson, Council of Trustees, who will also chair the Committee.

The Committee will determine its own meeting schedule and agenda, and the method by which it will receive information. The Committee will request honorary degree nominations in a timely manner from University constituencies. Nominations must be accompanied by a clear statement of the degree to be awarded and the reason thereof. All nominations and the deliberation process will be conducted with confidentiality.

The Committee shall recommend candidate(s) and appropriate degree(s) to the University President. the President shall transmit his/her recommendations to the Council of Trustees for final approval.

Compatible with the current policy of the State System of Higher Education (SSHE), normally, no more than two honorary degrees may be awarded in any calendar year at commencements, convocations, or other appropriate University functions. The University may choose not to award an honorary degree in a calendar year. As required by SSHE policy, the Chancellor shall be notified of the identity, qualifications, and citation to be attached at least thirty (30) days prior to the awarding of the degree.


Honorary degrees shall not be awarded for any degree given in course by Clarion University, nor shall an honorary degree be granted in absentia.

The University will grant the following honorary degrees:

  • Litt.D.--Doctor of Letters (litterarum doctor, honoris causa)

  • L.H.D.--Doctor of Human Letters (litterarum humaniorum doctor, honoris causa)

  • L.L.D.--Doctor of Laws (legum doctor, honoris causa)

  • Sc.D.--Doctor of Science (scientia doctor, honoris causa)

  • D.P.S.--Doctor of Public Service (doctor beneficiorum publicorum, honoris causa)

  • P.E.D.--Doctor of Pedagogy (doctor institutionis, honoris causa)


The University shall not grant an honorary degree to current members of the faculty, University administration, Council of Trustees, administration of the State System of higher Education, and the Board of Governors.

Further, if no authorized and substantiated response by the person to be honored with a confirmed date of acceptance scheduled is secured by University personnel making a good faith effort to secure same within one year of the official Council of Trustees action, the resolution of Council automatically becomes null and void.