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Venango College Ambassadors

Laura Lightner Kim Marlatt

Lacey Bates

Laura Lightner

"I love bing a student at Venango College because of the small campus size.  I like that my professors and other staff know me by name.  It's easy to meet many new people and get involved in several clubs.  I am so happy with my decision on coming to Venango!"


Kim Marlatt

"Venango College is a place to learn
and most importantly to grow as a person.
The tremendous opportunities for students 
to become involved inside and outside of
the classroom make the college experience complete. Everyone at Venango is dedicated
to helping you succeed and the campus community is wonderful! "

Lacey Bates

I love being a Venango College student because there are many ways to get involved on campus and in the community. At Venango you aren't just a number, the teachers and staff take the time to know you by name and are always willing to answer any questions. In addition, there are several great clubs, activities, and trips; from Club Mixers to going zip-lining! The opportunities to meet new people and try new things are endless."

Ray Marino  Brittney  

Ray Marino

 “I love being a a student at Venango College because I feel an overwhelming sense of comradery and family with my peers and neighbors.  Venango is a small campus, and, as a result, I am able to hone my skills within my major, alongside my peers, in a much more relaxed and affective way.  Having been enrolled in a much larger campus, I have concluded that learning in a smaller class with friends I see several times a day, and who are enormously hospitable,  is a more learning-friendly environment.  I would not change a thing about Venango, and this is why I love being a student here."


Brittney Bryan

"The friendly atmosphere of Venango College makes a happy, stress reduced, learning environment. The classes are the perfect size, and make it easy for that one-on-one with the professors if it's needed."