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Computing Services - Anti-Virus Software


Anti-Virus Software

We recommend current students and employees of Clarion University use one of the below Anti-Virus programs (Mac or PC).  This software is downloadable for home use installations.  The PC utilizes McAfee virus protection and the MAC uses a newer program called ""  which can be downloaded and installed on Mac OS X based computers.


Windows Based Operating Systems (XP/Vista/Windows 7):  McAfee Anti-Virus

The McAfee virus protection software that is downloadable from this site is only for current students and employees of Clarion University as stated in the "Home Use Option" portion of our site license with Network Associates. Clarion University offers this VirusScan software as a convenience for home use and cannot guarantee suitability of this product with your home system nor provide technical support on its installation or use. If you have any questions regarding this product or its installation, please refer to the McAfee Tech Support Web sites listed below.

By using this McAfee software on your home computer, you are acknowledging that you are currently enrolled as a student at Clarion University or you are a current employee of Clarion University. You are also acknowledging that you agree to abide by our Network Associates license agreement that requires you to delete this McAfee software from your system in the even that you are no longer a student at Clarion University or you cease employment with Clarion University.

Note: the files on this page are secure downloads. Please follow these instructions to login.

Read the installation guide first.Download the McAfee Program File and install.

Windows 8 users:

Download the McAfee Program File (same as Win 7 above).

McAfee Resource

McAfee Virus Information Center
McAfee Stinger Utility (Detect and remove specific viruses)
Computer Virus Myths
Computer Hoaxes

Macintosh Based Operating Systems (MAC OS X): ClamXAV.Com Anti-Virus

  1. Introduction to "ClamXAV"
  2. Download the ClamXAV Program File and install.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Documentation
  5. Support Forums

Anti-Malware Utility

We also recommend downloading, installing, and running "Malwarebytes" utility.  This utility works well to remove any 'Malware' related infections.