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Dr. Jeanne Slattery, professor of psychology at Clarion University, and Marissa Beveridge ('13) traveled to Washington, D.C., for the annual meetings of Association for Psychological Science. There, they presented their research, “Pet ownership: Personality and well-being," which described personality differences between pet owners and non-pet owners. Surprisingly, pet owners did not report greater levels of well-being.

Beveridge received the France-Allison Award for this research earlier this year. She will be attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania's graduate program in school psychology in the fall.

Slattery and Dr. Crystal Park ('85) presented “Correlates of changes in life philosophy and spirituality following stressful life events.” They reported that personality was not associated with negative changes in life philosophy/spirituality, but negative changes were related to perceptions that the stressful event violated their sense of control, resulting in greater degrees of cognitive processing, and more distress.

Park, who teaches at the University of Connecticut, received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Clarion University in 1985 and her doctorate from University of Delaware in 1993. She received Clarion University's Distinguished Achievement Award in 1999.

Slattery received her bachelor's degree from Illinois State University and her master's and doctorate from Miami University. She has taught at Clarion University since 1984.

Donna Ashcraft's poster, "Are Vampires and Werewolves Feminist? Using ‘Twilight’ to Demonstrate Gender Role Concepts," explored methods for engaging students through the use of concrete examples of psychological concepts in the popular “Twilight” series. The use of popular media in the classroom engages students and enhances learning in that it provides active learning situations whereby students can apply concepts to literature. She suggested that these novels are useful tools for engaging students in women’s studies and gender psychology courses, and for illustrating course concepts.

Ashcraft received her bachelor's degree from Buffalo State College and her master’s and doctorate degrees from The State University Of New York at Albany. She has taught at Clarion University since 1988.

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7/8/2013 2:30 PM

Psychology faculty, alumni present at professional meeting