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Associate of Arts: Arts and Sciences

The Associate of Arts is a liberal arts degree program designed to provide students with a range of experiences. This program offers a flexible course of study. It is a great starting point for a wide variety of students including those undecided about a course of study or those who have been out of school for a long period of time. The Associate of Arts program provides a general course of study. It allows students to complete the majority of their general education requirement coursework completely online. If a students decide to pursue a bachelors degree through Clarion University, they can apply this coursework toward those degree program requirements.  They can come to campus or continue their studies online making a smooth transition into the online Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies degree program easily completing their bachelor's degree online as well.


AA Degree Program Outline                            

Associate of Arts Degree with a major in Arts and SciencesMouse Logo 002

Clarion University of Pennsylvania                                                   

  1. Communications (12 credits):
    ENG 111 - Writing II
    MATH 111 or higher
    Electives: Credits to total 12 in communication courses, selected from the following: Academic Support, Communication, Computer Information Science, Elementary Foreign Language, English Composition, Mathematics, and Speech Communications.
  2. Humanities ( 12 credits): Selected from at least the following academic disciplines: Art, English Language/Literature, Humanities, Intermediate Foreign Language/Cultures, Music, Philosophy, Speech Communication and Theatre.
  3. Natural Sciences (12 credits): Selected from at least two of the following academic disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Physics.
  4. Social Sciences (12 credits): Selected from at least two of the following academic disciplines: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Women Studies.
  5. Personal Development (2 credits): Selected from health/wellness, physical education, fine arts.
  6. Free Electives (14 credits): Choose from areas 1 through 4.