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Faculty FAQ

If you have other questions, please contact Darla Ausel in the Learning and Technology Center.

  • How do I tell students about using Turnitin in my course?

    • Add a statement to your syllabus
    • Provide them with links to the Turnitin site
    • Talk about plagiarism with your students
  • How do I give access to students to see their originality reports?
    • By default, students cannot access reports. When setting up the assignment, you will be given an option to allow student viewing.
    • Students can view their submission and report by clicking on the assignment’s view/complete link. This will take the student to the assignment portfolio area. In this screen the student can click the Originality Report icon to view his or her Originality Report.
  • What kinds of files can be used with Turnitin?
    • Turnitin currently accepts MS Word, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF, and plain text files.
  • What if a student re-submits their own paper to an assignment in the same course?
    • If the student is re-submitting an assignment in the same class, it should not show up as a match against the same student's previous submissions within the same class.
    • If you view an originality report in the 'show matches one at a time' view, it will indicate if there are any previous submissions by the same student that are being excluded due to coming within the same class.
    • However, if there IS a ‘false positive’, you can use the following instructions to exclude a source from your originality report view.

      To view your Originality Report and remove a source from the Originality Report, please do the following:

      1. Log into the Desire2Learn course.
      2. Go to the Dropbox that has plagiarism detection enabled.
      3. Locate the individual assignment.
      4. Click on the Originality Report icon (colored square containing a percentage) for the submission. The document will open in the document viewer.
      5. The right side of the screen contains the "Match Percent" (plagiarized) information for the submission under the red heading "Match Overview".
      6. Click on the small arrow to the right of the match percentage for the appropriate source to view the breakdown of the match. At the bottom of the Match Breakdown pane, click on the "Sources to be excluded" button. Place a check in the box next to the source that should be excluded from the report and then click "exclude" at the bottom of the Match pane.
      7. The Originality Report will change to omit the matches from the source you have excluded.

      To re-include a source, use the ‘mode’ pull down menu at the top right of the originality report and choose ‘show matches one at a time’. A small ‘+’ icon will be displayed to the right of any source you have excluded. By clicking this icon, you can re-include a previously excluded source of match.

  • What if a student submits a paper that he/she previously submitted to another class?
    • If a student is submitting a paper that was previously submitted to another class at Clarion, the Originality Report will note that the submitted paper is ‘% similar’ to another paper submitted by PASSHE student. 
    • If the instructor is the same for both courses, the instructor can click on the '% similar' link to view the paper.
    • If the paper was submitted to a different instructor, the instructor then has the option of emailing the other instructor for permission to view the other submission.
  • What procedures should be followed if a student's paper has been plagiarized?
    • Review the Academic Honesty Policy and Student Rights Handbook links under the POLICIES button for information.