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Microsoft Excel 2013 - "What's New"

  1. Quick Analysis
    • Quick Analysis formatting lets you convert your data into a
      chart or table with formatting in two steps or less.

  2. Chart Elements
    • Select a chart and click the Chart Elements button on the top
      right corner to select elements that can add more value to the
      chart such as Data Table, Error Bars, Timeline, Titles and more.

  3. Animation
    • When making changes to the source of your chart data, the changes
      to the chart are animated which allows you to see how the changes
      have affected it

  4. Chart Recommendations
    • If you need to insert a chart, the Recommended Charts button
      allows you to preview charts before you select one that is most
      suitable for you.

  5. Own Window
    • To assist when working with several workbooks at the same time,
      each workbook is displayed in its own window.

  6. FlashFill
    • FlashFill lets users copy and paste data sets from a browser
      without incorrect formatting from the transition.

  7. Data Labels
    • On the chart are now richer with more formatting flexibility.

  8. Chart Formatting
    • Is easy with the 3 new chart buttons which allows you to pick and
      preview your changes.