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Insurance/Managed Care

Insurance/Managed Care Issues

Adequate medical insurance is strongly encouraged prior to university entrance. Students and/or their parents should contact their insurance carrier to determine how college entrance may affect the terms, conditions, and/or procedures of coverage. This is particularly true if the insurance is provided under a manage care plan.

Clarion University - along with 11 other state universities formed a consortium to seek bids for the most comprehensive health plan for students at the most cost effective price.

Currently, Consolidated Health Plans offers the most comprehensive plan for a reasonable annual fee.  Clarion University does NOT sell this insurance but makes the literature available for students that are not covered by their parent’s health insurance.  To review this literature, click on the following site:

Information concerning the insurance will be mailed to each student each summer.  Prices for the insurance will change each year and insurance can be purchased by semester or year.

Students who need insurance or desire alternative/additional coverage should visit Consolidated Health Plans, or the insurance company of their choice.

International students are required to purchase their insurance from Consolidated Health Plans.  This insurance will cover pre-existing conditions and includes medical evacuation and repatriation.