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Clarion University recognized employees for their years of service as part of its Founders' Day celebration Sept. 10, 2012.

 5 years 2012 employee recognition 10 years 2012 employee recognition

Five years of service

Bottom row: Mark Conrad, Julie Miller, Joseph Croskey, Mary Buchanan and Bradley Grant; middle row: David Love, Jennifer Mills, Saqib Chowdhry, Rachelle Prioleau, John Groves and Cathy Wenner; back row: Jessica Park, Sandy Chen, Erin Lewis, Kay Ensle and Chad Smith. Not pictured: Carol Brennan Caplan, Michael Brown, Kenneth Graybill, William Hallock, Paul Klenowski, Craig Scott, Jack Servey and Mary Terwilliger.


10 years of service

Bottom row: Ronald Radaker, Brenda Stahlman, Debra Sigworth, Lori Henry and Hope Lineman; back row: Shawn Hoke, Diana Smith, Chris Reber, Deborah Henry and Brenda Ponsford. Not pictured: Jonathan Brown, Melissa Downes, Marie Gritzer, D. Kay Miller, Kathleen Murphy, Uraina Pack, Rein Pold, Frank Remmick, Yun Shao, Bradley Slagle, Tammy Smith, Heather Viglione, Debra Weaver, Angela West and Donna Woodman.

 15 years 2012 employee recognition  20 years 2012 employee recognition

15 years of service

Bottom row: Susan Boland, Sally Staab, Terrance Pierucci, Merrilyn Dunlap, Janine Troese and Cynthia Nellis; back row: Mark Kilwein, Kerry Mapes, Thomas Rourke, Kristie Rhoades and Amy Shannonhouse. Not pictured: Todd Lavin, Leah Magagnotti, Catherine Petrissans, James Rose, Randy Sabousky, Patricia Shontz, Kimberly Stewart, Andrew Turner, Kathleen Welsch, Shelly Williams and Ruth Wolfgong.


20 years of service

Bottom row: Jeanne Caldwell, Mary Jo Reef, Karen Smith, Julia Aaron and Diane Simpson; back row: Thomas Oliver, Paul Ryberg, Basil Martin, Richard Sabousky, Latrobe Barnitz and Dave Parsons. Not pictured: Carie Forden, Mary Ann Graybill, Gary Greenberg, David Hipfel, Tony Johns, George La Rue, Carolina Muschweck, Hallie Savage and Douglas Smith.

 25 years 2012 employee recognition  30 years 2012 employee recognition

25 years of service

Bottom row: Brenda Polatty, Karen Sheesman, Nancy Harriger, Barbara Stewart, Wendy Turnipseed and Myrna Kuehn; back row: Diana Brush, Sharon Bauer, Shawn Schwab, Kristin Stiglitz, Jane Beichner and Marite Haynes. Not pictured: Janis Jarecki-Liu, Marlene Kennedy, Scott Kuehn, Michael Reitz, Dave Schlueter, Debra Summerville and Joanne Washington.


30 years of service

Bottom row: Sylvia Wiegel, Lynn Peterson, Joan Lander, Lori Norris and Susan Stephenson; back row: Frank Vento, Gregory Clary, Pattie Schmader, Janina Jolley and John Hubauer. Not pictured: Colleen McAleer.

 35 years 2012 employee recognition  45 years 2012 employee recognition

 35 years of service: Toni Kelso

 45 years of service: Rebecca Silvis

9/21/2012 3:45 PM

Clarion University employees recognized for years of service