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D2L Troubleshooting and Self-help


Your computer's web browser is a very important tool when using a Learning Management System such as Desire2Learn (D2L). If you are experiencing difficulty accessing D2L, chances are the reason can be explained through the troubleshooting tips and self-help questions below:

Login Issues

1. Did you run the System Check? It is quick, easy and free and will ensure that your web browser is optimized for your D2L courses. This only takes a minute and will save you time and trouble later.

2. Did you check the Technical Requirements page for supported Browser version information?

3. Did you reset your password? When accessing D2L for the first time, you must change your password. Click here to perform the password reset.

4. Are you using the correct username? Student usernames begin with "s_" and must include "" to login to D2L. The correct username format is Please review our Accounts page if you do not know your username.

5. Was your Clarion username just created? If so, please wait 24 hours and then try to login again. If you are still having trouble, you may need to perform a password reset. Change Password.

6. Did your password expire? Students must reset their passwords every 180 days. Faculty and staff will need to reset their password every 90 days. You will receive a reminder in your university email when the expiration date is near. Change Password.

7. Did you forget your password? As long as you have set up a "security question", you will be able to reset your own password. Change Password.

8. If you still can't login, please contact the Clarion University Center for Computing Services Help Desk or submit a Help Desk ticket.  For after-hours support, please call the 24x7 support number.


Course Access Issues

Don't see your course? After you login to D2L you arrive at your D2L My Home page. You should have a listing of your courses underneath a banner/widget named My Courses. If your courses are not listed it may be for one of the following reasons:

1. Did you just enroll in the course? It typically takes a day to sync your registration with the course in D2L; please wait 24 hours and check again.

2. Is the semester start more than two weeks away? Courses are populated with their classlist no earlier than two weeks prior to the start of the semester. However, the course may not appear until the first day of class. It is up to the instructor to make it available. If the semester has started, please contact your instructor  to confirm they are using D2L. If you are the instructor, please view Edit course to see how to make a course active.

3. Is this a face-to face course? D2L is used for all online courses; however, not all face-to-face instructors use D2L. Verify use of D2L with your instructor.

4. Are you registered for the course? Please login to the My Clarion Portal and select the Student Center link to view your enrollment dates and course schedule.

5. Did you collapse the course listing? Your courses will not appear if you have collapsed the "My Courses" group or the "Semester" group (i.e., 2012 Fall) . On the right side of the My Courses banner, as well as the semester heading, there is a small double chevron ltc_chevron, click to expand the group and show your course listing. Click here to view an image of the D2L Home page and the "My Courses" widget with semester headings.