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Entrepreneurial Leadership Minor


The Minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Clarion University is an interdisciplinary program housed within the College of Business Administration. The program is open to all Clarion University students regardless of their major field of study.

Students will gain exposure to critical entrepreneurial principles through theory development, application and skill development. An emphasis is placed on experiential learning as an important element of the process. As a result of working toward this minor, students will gain exposure to a body of knowledge which emphasizes entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. Beyond a core set of courses, students have the flexibility to tailor courses to meet their specialized interests in different industry sectors.

Curriculum Requirements

Students must complete 21 credit hours in order to successfully meet minor requirements. Students are required to take five (5) core courses identified below.


ECON 211: Principles of Macroeconomics OR
ECON 212: Principles of Microeconomics
ACTG 251: Financial Accounting
MGMT 323: Small Business Problems
MGMT 427: Entrepreneurial Leadership

In addition, students must take a minimum of six credits from one of the following options.


MKTG 360: Principles of Marketing
MKTG 361: Marketing Management
MKTG 362: Retailing Management
MKTG 363: Advertising Management
MKTG 369: Services Marketing
MKTG 491: E-Marketing
MGMT 450: Quality Management


SOC 211: Principles of Sociology
SOC 311: Social Stratification
SOC 351: Contemporary Social Problems
SOC 362: Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 395: Social Change
ECON 314: Urban and Regional Economics