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Industrial Technology Course Curriculum

The following course curriculum is to be completed by all Associate of Applied Science degree seeking majors and is the foundation for all concentrations within the Industrial Technology program.

General Education:

ENG 111 (Writing II) 3 credits

MATH 112 (Excursions in Math) 3 credits

CIS 217 (Application of Microcomputers) 3 credits

PHSC 112 (Basic Physical Science) 3 credits

ECON 211 (Principles of Macroeconomics) OR ECON 212 (Principles of Microeconomics) 3 credits

CMST 113 (Public Speaking) 3 credits

HPE 111 (Health & Wellness) 2 credits


Industrial Technology Major:

MGMT 120 (Intro to Business) 3 credits

MGMT 320 (Management Theory & Practice) 3 credits

BSAD 240 (Legal Environment I) 3 credits

INDT 301 (Issues in Industrial Technology) 3 credits


Technical Courses:

Industrial Field Training (APT 299) 28 credits