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Jimmy McGee has been named the new coordinator of health promotions at Clarion University. He is assuming the position previously held by Darlene Hartle, who has returned to a full-time nurse position at the Keeling Health Center.


            “I have wanted to get a job at Clarion University for a long time and the job I wanted the most was helping students to succeed,” said McGee. He will be coordinating programs for students on health and wellness, drugs and alcohol, tobacco, fitness, and sex related topics.

            Originally from Warren, Ohio, McGee has transplanted himself to Clarion. He came to Clarion University to be a member of the diving team and earned his undergraduate degree in elementary education in May 2003.

            “I liked teaching and coaching and getting the message through to students or a team,” said McGee about the decision to pursue and education degree. “I’ve always enjoyed interaction.”

            Pursuing that goal even further, McGee earned his master’s degree in rehabilitation science from Clarion in 2005.

            “I didn’t set out to go to graduate school,” he explained. “I got a graduate assistantship with the student recreation center. I liked the counseling aspect of rehabilitation sciences and decided that was what I wanted to do.”

            For the past three years, McGee has worked for Mid Atlantic Youth Services, a secure treatment center in Emlenton, as clinical supervisor and education director. Then he saw the notice for coordinator of health promotion posted at a web site. Feeling that the description related well to his background, he applied for the job and was hired.

            In his first weeks in the position, McGee will encounter many of Clarion University’s students.  He will be presenting a program during freshman orientation and meeting with all of the athletic teams. He will also be working with the university’s pandemic planning committee.

            “I want to increase their health education and reduce the chances of bad things happening to them,” he said. “I would like to meet with every student. It is important to get this information out.”

            In addition to program presentations, McGee wants the students to become more involved in other ways. He plans to hold fitness nights at the Student Recreation Center, hoping to attract students who wouldn’t ordinarily use the Center, introducing them to exercise programs, increase their networking, and perhaps joining in the intramural competition.

            McGee and his wife, Christine, also a Clarion graduate and a second grade teacher in the Oil City School District, live in Clarion.

“I never intended to leave Clarion,” said McGee about his decision to stay in the area since his arrival in 2000. “I like the family atmosphere.”

            McGee will coordinate a program to meet the needs and interests of any student group. Programs may be scheduled by contacting McGee at the Keeling Health Center, telephone (814) 393-1949.



8/26/2008 10:47 AM

McGee new coordinator of health promotions