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The Clarion University Office of Finance and Administration has provided an update on the major construction projects underway at Clarion University.

Dining Hall

Studs are being installed throughout the building for inside walls and the stairs have been installed. All of the scaffolding is gone on all elevations. Most of the kitchen equipment has been purchased and electrical connections are ready for installation.

Pedestrian/vehicular traffic and safety: One-way traffic is still in effect for the roadway between Carrier and the new dining-hall. Do not drive east on this roadway until completion of the new building allows two-way traffic again.

Science-Technology Building

Construction started this week on the bus turnout, which will allow safe drop off and pick up of passengers. Brick is being placed on the side facing Pierce Science and installation of the roof is continuing.

On-Campus Residences

The electrical outage on July 19 brought full electrical power to Dorm #4. Work continued on each of the dorms on all fronts with good progress made on the exterior of Building #4, facing Chandler.

Venango Pond

The construction crew has now moved to bank tapering. This project is currently ahead of schedule.

More Information

More information about construction can be found in the minutes of the regular meetings of the Facilities Planning Committee and Parking Committee, provided below:

Facilities Planning:


Naming Opportunities Available

Naming opportunities are available for projects. For additional information about supporting Clarion’s building program, contact Rika Beckley, associate vice president for development, at (814) 393-2572.

8/20/2008 11:18 AM

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