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The Clarion University Office of Finance and Administration has provided an update on the major construction projects underway at Clarion University.

Venango Campus – Venango Pond

About 75 percent of the clay embankment is installed at the pond and the walkway is not taking place.

Venango Campus – Rhoades Locker Room

The Rhoades locker room project has started with demolition and asbestos abatement. The locker room and rest rooms will comply with updated ADA requirements.

Dining Hall

Dry wall is being installed upstairs and windows are at 75 percent. Most of the electrical conduit is now in the walls, along with plumbing and mechanical.

Pedestrian/vehicular traffic and safety: One-way traffic is still in effect for the roadway between Carrier and the new dining-hall and construction equipment is still very active. Do not drive east on this roadway and do not walk in this or any other campus roadway.

Science-Technology Building

The general contractor continued with the brick installation on the northeast side of the building and temporary windows have been placed on southwest side. The windows will help weatherproof the interior. Construction by all contractors continued on the interior.

On-Campus Residences

Construction continues on the entryway for Building #4. The installed brick on Buildings #1 and #4 is being cleaned. Installation of drywall painting in both buildings is ongoing and painting is in various stages of completion. Fixtures and trim work is beginning in Building #4.

More Information

More information about construction can be found in the minutes of the regular meetings of the Facilities Planning Committee and Parking Committee, provided below:

Facilities Planning:


Naming Opportunities Available

Naming opportunities are available for projects. For additional information about supporting Clarion’s building program, contact Rika Beckley, associate vice president for development, at (814) 393-2572.

8/20/2008 11:15 AM

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