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Kyle McMunn


Kyle McMunn of Knox has been appointed the new Clarion University student trustee by Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. McMunn was selected to replace Aimee Zellers, who graduated in May.

McMunn, a junior chemistry/pre-pharmacy major, is the son of David and Diane McMunn of Knox and is a graduate of Keystone High School.

“The trustee is the students’ voice on the Council of Trustees,” said McMunn. “The Student Senate president tells the Council of all the things that are happening, then the trustee will have a vote on all of those matters. I want to learn more about the governing body of the University and how they have an impact and I also want to help the Student Senate have more of a say in some of the decision making for the University.”

The governor of Pennsylvania, following a review process, appoints all trustees, including the student trustee. Trustee duties include making recommendations, evaluating, reviewing, approving, and participating in planning efforts for personnel, fiscal affairs, academic policy, strategic planning, student affairs, and facilities management.

It will be a time-consuming job, but one which McMunn is prepared to accomplish. He has a lifelong connection to Clarion University from the time he was a child attending the Siler Children’s Learning Complex on campus while his mother worked in the College of Business’ Department of Accountancy.

He entered Clarion as a political science/pre-law major, but switched to chemistry/pre-pharmacy.

“I was thinking about my overall life,” said McMunn about the decision. “I knew an attorney’s job is time consuming and I wanted to have time in the future for family and a to coach basketball or football at the high school level. That’s when I decided to change. I like experimenting and finding out what will happen. I also excel in mathematics and I didn’t want to leave math out of my life.”

To complete a pharmacy degree, McMunn will use the help of Clarion University’s pre-professional committee, which will guide him on to a the next level. He is interested in post-graduate work in pharmacy at Lake Erie College or possibly at the University of Pittsburgh. Clarion has affiliation agreements with both institutions.

But, McMunn still has two years of undergraduate work ahead of him including representing Clarion University’s students on the Board of Trustees. He learned about the opening through an advertisement in “The Clarion Call,” Clarion University’s student newspaper.

“I knew something about how Clarion University operated because I was a work study student in the office of the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences,” said McMunn, who will leave that position this fall for a similar job in the history department. “That was a big benefit to me in the interview process.”

Following an initial interview on campus by a committee headed by Clarion University Board of Trustees chair Lee James, McMunn advanced to a one-on-one interview with Clarion University President Joseph Grunenwald. The next step was a telephone interview with a six-person committee from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Then came the wait for Governor Rendell’s final approval.

With that in hand, McMunn is ready to step into his role.

“I am a mediator between the students and Clarion’s highest governing body on campus,” he said. “I will provide my input as someone who spends most of their time on campus. I believe Clarion has a beautiful campus and will only improve with the addition of the new buildings under construction. I want to see campus to continue to look good.”

Up to this point, McMunn believes his single greatest accomplishment since coming to Clarion University is, “Getting a 3.85 grade point average while having two jobs and volunteering as a varsity football coach at Keystone High School. This has required immense time management skills.”

Those skills will be tested even more this fall, when McMunn steps into his new role as student trustee.

8/20/2008 11:10 AM

McMunn named Clarion University student trustee