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What is Assessment in the Division of Student Affairs?

Assessment in Clarion University's Division of Student Affairs is an ongoing process aimed at understanding and improving the division's contribution to student learning and development, persistence, and success.  It involves:

  • Continually evaluating our programs to ensure that we provide quality services, programs, and facilities.
  • Using data to maximize and demonstrate our contribution to student learning and success through co-curricular experiences and provide evidence of how much value we add to the experience of those who participate in our programs, services, and activities. 
  • Identifying areas where the division and its centers/departments can change or improve
  • Showcasing division, center, and department strengths, and informing divisional strategic planning, including budget, human resources, and organizational structures.


Student Affairs Assessment Committee 

In the summer of 2010, the Vice President of Student Affairs established the Student Affairs Assessment Committee and charged it with providing leadership for the development and implementation of a systematic, continuous, and sustainable division-wide assessment plan.

The committee serves as an advisory group to the vice president and the division's director of planning and assessment, and makes recommendations on the direction of division assessment activities. In fulfilling the charge, the Student Affairs Assessment Committee focuses on the following areas:

  • Program Review/Accreditation: Ensure that division units are engaged in required program review or accreditation processes.
  • Student Learning and Program Outcomes Assessment: Ensure that division units are engaged in systematic, continuous, and meaningful assessment activities that demonstrate the division's impact on student learning and development.
  • Professional Development: Ensure that division staff have the knowledge, skills, and support for assessment efforts.
  • Collaboration on Institutional Assessment Initiatives: Ensure that division assessment activities align with and support university assessment initiatives.