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2012 Support Clarion imageClarion University depends on the generous and faithful gifts of our alumni and friends. Every gift is important to us.  We appreciate our volunteers who provide time, energy and expertise. These gifts are valuable, and we cherish them. But there are other gifts we appreciate as well, monetary gifts that fuel the engines of maintenance, administration, program development and other mission-related needs. These gifts include annual, special and planned gifts.


Why Do People Support
Clarion University?

There are many reasons people make charitable gifts in support of Clarion University.  A person who has a large tax liability may make a year-end gift to ease the tax burden. 2011-spirit-004Another person may give to create a charitable trust and gain a lifetime flow of income at a respectable rate. Another person may be influenced to give by a fellow alumnus, friend or family member. Someone else may give out of a sense of loyalty or duty.

But overwhelmingly, the main reason people give is because they believe in our university and want to help us fulfill our mission.  Many of our donors want to know that their contribution is making Clarion a better place for future generations.