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From Your Family to Ours

When a student comes to Clarion, he or she becomes a part of the Clarion University family.  We recognize each student is someone's child, stepchild, grandchild, brother, sister, niece, nephew, or in some other way a part of your family.  When your family member chooses to attend Clarion, you entrust us to look after his or her academic and social growth and welfare.  Everyone at Clarion takes this responsibility very seriously.

Our Faculty: Serving Students as Individuals

Faculty members at Clarion are here for two reasons:  one, because they've distinguished themselves academically; and two, because they love to teach.  They live for the moments when students come to their offices and say, "Thanks.  I get it now."

And those moments happen a lot around here.

Student Success 2Learning... And Then Some

Professors at Clarion get attached to students.  They attend their games and musical performances.  They help locate grants and internships.  And they find campus life so satisfying they tend to stick around.

And one more thing:  unlike larger universities, your family member will never have a class that is taught by a graduate assistant.  All our faculty members are fully credentialed professors.