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MyClarion Training - Faculty Center

MyClarion Training - Faculty Center


MyClarion Faculty Center provides faculty with comprehensive access to class and grade rosters, student information, advisee information, the schedule of classes, and the course catalog.

This workshop is recommended for all faculty.  The approximate length of this workshop is one hour.

Before You Begin

Note: Some items below are limited to Clarion faculty and staff. For items marked "authentication required", please enter your Clarion username in the format clarion\username For detailed instructions, please click here.

  1. Review the MyClarion Terminology 101 guide.

  2. Review the MyClarion Faculty Center guide (authentication required)

Faculty Center Recorded Webinar Access


* The recorded webinar will be displayed via Mediasite. If you encounter problems with the Mediasite player, please review the Mediasite troubleshooting guide

* You can view the video in "full screen" mode. Use the video playback controls at the bottom of the viewer. Select the help icon (?) within the viewer for more details.

* Click Here for the Webinar  (enter you Clarion username and password at the Mediasite prompt).  The length of this webinar is approx. 37 minutes.


Training Options

  1. Review the recorded webinar & reference guide (see above)
  2. Register for a face-to-face workshop
  3. Note: Completed Webinars: 3/21/2011 4PM; 3/22/2011 8:30AM; 3/28/2011 9AM; 3/29/2011 10AM; 3/30 3PM.