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Welcome to the TRIO Student Support Services linked-in pages! You're already on your way to a successful transition from college to your professional life: you've found this page. These links were selected to provide you with a broad range of information necessary to complete the last step of your college education and that is finding a job. This extensive list of resources will assist you in all the steps necessary for entering the workplace.   First scan down the bolded topics, making notes as to what categories pertain to you.  Would you like to work someplace warm? The section about relocation is a good place to start in terms of areas, housing, and services. Did you know that even your auto rates will change depending upon where you live? The same goes for the career and resumes sites: many offer the same types of information, such as resume writing, job searching or interviewing, only using different approaches and examples. Look at several and make a note of which ones appeal to you.  The financial sites offer a broad range of topics from budgeting to buying or leasing a car. I strongly encourage that you visit a number of them when looking for specific information. 

While we are in the generation of technology, the experts say that you should not rely completely on posting your resume and waiting for things to happen. It is you that is going to make things happen, which is exactly why doing research like this is so important. Read through the different categories and spend some time surfing the areas below.  Keep a notebook handy and jot down specific websites or information that you feel are important to your situation. Develop your own strategic plan, whether it is to stay in Pennsylvania or move out of state.  Tip: keep a notebook and track where and when you post your resume.

If you have specific questions about preparing for your entry into the professional world, call and set up an appointment with your TRIO Academic Counselor, or you can call Clarion's Career Services for an individual appointment.

CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your goal of a bachelor's degree and beginning your professional life!


CAREER INFORMATION/JOBS   Clarion University Career Services Center

Addresses all stages of career development and planning  Submit your resume electronically for review by Career Services  

To schedule a mock interview call the Career Services office for an appointment (814) 393-2323

JOBS- sites also include information about resumes and interviewing    The Bureau of Labor information on salaries, employment outlook and job outlook  Resume, Internships, Job Searches, Job Locator, Salary, Relocation  Research companies   Wall Street Journal career and job hunting advice  career preparation for recent graduates    also includes specialized job sites  government jobs  foreign and civil service employment  (10 county - Pittsburgh region)  (Pittsburgh)

BUSINESS ETIQUETTE  online quiz  International business etiquette  email etiquette  37 articles on etiquette - including all the meals

RELOCATION RESOURCES  salary and moving calculator  apartments across the country compares cities and cost of living

SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES  search Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job

***Important remember that employers check these websites and can pay a fee for your postings for the last six-months.


DRESS FOR SUCCESS  assistance for low-income women