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Admissions and Financial Aid



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Admission policies and procedures of Clarion University–Venango College are the same as the general requirements for admission to the university at the Clarion Campus. In addition, Clarion University–Venango College offers unique programs for both traditional and non-traditional students to ensure their success at the college level.

Through specialized student services and the Empowerment Program, Venango College provides proactive advising, mentoring, peer tutoring, and a structured environment that helps students achieve their goals and succeed in college. These services support the university's commitment to provide access to public education for all citizens of Pennsylvania.



Specialized Admission Procedures for the Associate of Science Degree in Nursing
Please see Department of Nursing Policies-Associate of Science in Nursing Program-Admission Requirements.



Specialized Admission Procedures for the Associate of Science Degree in Respiratory Care
Please see Department of Allied Health Policies-Associate of Science in Respiratory Care Program-Admission Requirements.



Early Admission for High School and Home-Schooled Students

Jump Start—Honors Track Education Program
The Jump Start Program at Venango College of Clarion University is designed to admit selected high school students to Clarion University on a part-time basis for summer, fall and/or spring.

This program provides high school students the opportunity to experience college work prior to high school graduation. The course work provides depth and a greater challenge than their high school curriculum and an early start on earning a university degree.

Admission Criteria
The following criteria determine admission of high school students to Jump Start at Clarion University:

  1. Completion of the freshman year in high school.

  2. Completion of the Dual Enrollment application.

  3. Official transcripts that show enrollment in the academic or college preparatory program in high school while achieving the following:

    a. 3.0 cumulative grade point average (85 percent) or top 20 percent of the class.

    b. SAT of at least 950 (CR&M) or ACT of 20. Students can also be considered with a PSAT of 95 or PSSA scores of Proficient or Advanced (at least one score must be advanced).

  4. Signature from a guidance counselor, principal and parent/guardian to serve as support for the applicant’s motivation, interest, academic ability, and social maturity.

Jump Start – Honors Track additional requirements:

  1. High School manuscript showing academic preparatory class with a 3.5 GPA or top 10 percent of class.

  2. SAT of 1150 (CR&M ) or ACT of 21. PSAT of 115 or PSSA or Keystone Exam score of Advanced in Math and Reading /Language Arts.

Please direct materials and questions to:

Coordinator of Admissions and Financial Aid
Clarion University–Venango College
1801 West First Street, Oil City, PA 16301
814-676-6591, ext. 1211


Financial Aid

Venango College of Clarion University provides financial aid services similar to those available at the Clarion campus. Individualized assistance is provided to students who need information or help with financial aid issues. The Venango College Office of Admissions and Financial Aid will help students complete state and/or federal forms for grants and loans, use books and computer software to help locate scholarships, and assemble information on personal budgeting, community resources, and developing a savings or investment plan.