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D2L Upgrade Features

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              D2L Upgrade to Version 10.3


Desire2Learn (D2L) will be upgraded on May 10, 2014 to version 10.3. D2L will be completely unavailable
While this upgrade does not completely change the functionality of D2L, it introduces some improvements in D2L's content, discussions, dropbox and quiz areas. The following is a summary of the updates introduced in D2L 10.3.
The Learning Technology Center  will conduct several demonstrations during finals week in 104 Egbert. Come preview the new version at one of the following times: 


What's New In D2L 10.3 Half-Hour Preview Sessions

 Tue., May 6 -  12 pm (f2f) and 2 pm (virtual)

Wed., May 7 - 10 am (f2f) and 3 pm (virtual)  

Thu., May 8 -  11 am (f2f) and 2:30 pm (virtual) 

Sessions will be offered again in August prior to fall semester startup.

The preview sessions will be in the LTC office in 104 Egbert. Blackboard Collaborate will be used for the virtual sessions and you will receive separate instructions for the virtual demos.   Email LTC Support to register. Be sure to indicate the session date and time.

           Instructors - What's New in D2L  Version 10.3?

D2L 10.3  Feature Upgrades : (PDF)

Please note: D2L 10.3 support videos, tutorials and documentation materials are being modified accordingly and will be made available as they are completed.

      Global Changes:

- Several updates appear throughout the D2L site. The ability to switch between roles (instructor, student) is now available under your Personal Menu.

- The single HTML Editor appears in most instances where there were two editors (basic and advanced) and it includes an updated equation editor. However, the order of the buttons is different with the “Insert Stuff” functionality on the left.

- When working on a screen that scrolls, the action buttons, like “Save” or “Cancel” float at the bottom of the screen instead of the bottom of the page.

- Handling of External Links and File types- some files (ie. Video) cannot load in-place (within the designated D2L framework).  These types of files will now automatically open in a new tab or window.


Content Tool:

- Content Notifications

 -  Instructors can notify students of changed content when updating or changing a file from Content. Applies to PDFs, HTML files and PowerPoint files. Notification appears in students’ My Home Alerts area of the minibar.

- Completion tracking can be reset for students who will see the word “Updated” next to the revised Content item.



- Functional improvements

- Table of Contents contains “ Expand All  |  Collapse All ” controls enabling instructors to quickly navigate modules and topics.

-  “Completed” modules are collapsible. “Add Activities” button renamed “Add Existing Activities” to differentiate from “New” button.

-  Within a module, a topic’s context menu may have new options or renamed options which are more intuitive by better describing their actions.

-  External links automatically open in a new tab or window, as well as a placeholder page within content. This feature allows tracking of whether the link was visited while maintaining navigation.

-  For topics that are files, if you change the file after the course starts, you can notify students about the change. This includes PDFs, HTML files, PowerPoint files.

-  When viewing PDFs within D2L, the PDF viewer’s buttons are at the top of the PDF, instead of the bottom.


- Grid view has been deprecated

- Improved Discussions List

- Information is presented in a more compact format in this view making it a less cluttered and easy to scan format with the activity summary in columns next to the topic instead of below.

-  “Show all topics / Hide all topics” controls make it easy to only show the current, relevant topics.


-  Information related to subscriptions for forums and topics are available under the respective context menus and by default users are automatically subscribed to posts they author.


- Navigation Improvements

-  “Show All Topics / Hide All Topics” links make it easier to scan forums and see a high-level summary of activity. When you expand a forum, activity summaries are still available for topics.
    Each topic also has a quick link to go directly to unread posts.

-  Once you are within a topic, a collapsed menu (similar to the “Table of Contents”) is available as a slide out menu. It can be pinned in place or opened/closed as needed.



- “Must post first” improvements

-  Now instructors can set posting restrictions at the forum level which will then apply to all topics in that forum. Now the option only has to be set once. 

- Improvements to discussion statistics

- Statistics will now call out the number of threads created and replies posted separately.



- New D2L v10.3 feature that makes it possible to provide grade and feedback to students who didn’t submit a file to a Dropbox folder. This supports cases where the assignment was submitted outside the learning environment.

- In order to see students without submissions in a Dropbox folder you should change the Submissions dropdown from “Users with submissions” to “Show everyone” or “Users without submissions.”

- Students can view rubrics from Content before submission and also access the graded rubric after evaluations are published


- When editing a Quiz from Content, and selecting Save or Cancel, you return to your place in Content. In 10.2, you were redirected to "Manage Quizzes" 

- Improved Tab structure

- The tabs within the Quiz Setup are different so that the most used items appear in tabs towards the left.

- "Add/Edit Questions" from 10.2’s  “Layout/Questions” tab, NOW appears in the “Properties” tab > "Add/Edit Questions"


- Quiz Submission Views: limited duration after quiz is submitted.




- Within the Classlist, the “Email” button for emailing the entire classlist has an improved label; it’s “Email Classlist.”



- In addition to clicking on a student’s name to send a single email.