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              D2L Upgrade to Version 10.2


Desire2Learn (D2L) was upgraded on December 14, 2013 to version 10.2
While this upgrade does not completely change the functionality of D2L, it does introduce an overhaul in the Content area. The following is a summary of the major changes in D2L with the upgrade to v10.2.
The Learning Technology Center conducted several demonstrations (as well as hands on sessions targeted for Winter intersession faculty) from December 2 through finals week.  These sessions will be offered again prior to the start of the spring 2014 term.


What's New in D2L  Version 10.2?

Video Overview

Changes to Content Area and Discussion View

Course Content Upgrades: (PDF)

  • New feature includes an Overview, Bookmarks, and Upcoming Events navigation area. Course Overview provides instructors with an optional place for course information. Course Bookmarks allow users to quickly move to areas commonly viewed. Course Upcoming Events displays course events, due dates, etc. for the next seven days.

       Redesigned Content Tool:

  • The layout of modules and topics has been redesigned to provide easier navigation and workflows. Modules are organized in a Table of Contents panel on the left; when a module is selected in the Table of Contents, the corresponding topics open in the content area to the right. Modules and topics can now be dragged and dropped within the frame to reorder content. It is also now possible to drag and drop supported files directly from your computer into a module. A new built-in-document viewer allows Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents to open in a browser without launching the application. It is also possible to navigate using links at the top of the page as well as a pop-out, side panel menu as you view a content topic page.


       WN Module vs. Topic

New Discussion View:  (PDF)                

  •  An improved reading view provides an easy-to-scan area with the most recent author information, and unread posts counts for easy to see activity. Threads with recent activity appear at the top by default, but can be filtered in more ways than ever.


         WN Discussions
    Improved Student Progress Tracking

Class Progress:

  • The class progress page (Assessments > User Progress) provides student performance across the entire class and through four indicators of performance. From within the settings menu, instructors can select up to four indicators or progress which they can use to monitor how students are performing in their class. (see completion method below). Instructors can also search for specific students or view the class as a group.


  WN Class Progress

WN Class Progress

 WN Class Progress 2


User Progress:

  • Redesigned to provide comprehensive progress reports with a better presentation through the use of visualizations, and with improved navigation between users, between courses, and between tools. Navigate quickly to a catagory from the navigation bar on the left and view a detailed report of each category on the right.


    WN User Progress

Completion Tracking Method

Completion Method:

  • In the CONTENT area, this tool can assist both instructor and student with monitoring course progression. The two "Required" items count towards a student's "User Progress" tracking. The default setting is "Required: Automatic,"  but can be changed using the "Settings" link in the upper right portion of the Content area (below the navigation-bar links) . Instructors have three completion tracking options: 

    • Required: Automatic - automatically record the progress when a student accesses an item.  

    • Required: Manual - require the student to indicate (by checking the box) that they have viewed and completed an item. 

    • Not Required - good for supplemental course information.

  • For students, this gives them a visual "green" check-mark when they have accessed an item or completed a module.



Other Tools                                           

         Due Dates:

  • Instructors will have the ability to set a dropbox folder due date, independently of the folder availability.

         Grades Display:

  • Improved grades display allows instructors to manage the grade display in various learning activities (dropbox quizzes, etc.) in addition to the Grades view. This way, students can see the same grade in both the tool feedback area and the grades area.


    The ease of building and navigating a course has been greatly improved. The 10.2 enhanced user experience makes D2L a more intuitive and user-friendly platform.
    The NAV bar tabs have not changed and have the same resources as version 10, while still located at the top of the page. The documentation is presently being updated and will be available from the course home page for both student and faculty when the upgrade is complete.
    The Learning Technology Center does welcome your feedback and can assist you with any instructional technological needs.