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UTAC Summary, 2010-APR-27

UTAC 27-APR-2010 Meeting Summary * Draft *

Attendance:  Art Acton, Jerry Belloit, Dave Hartley, Terry Latour, Julie London, Sam Puleio, Steve Selker, Debbie Sobina,

Administrative Items

The 26-JAN-2010+ Meeting Summary was approved

D2L Update

The committee reviewed the current status of the Desire2Learn (D2L) project. In summary, faculty D2L account are ready, 2010 summer course shells are loaded, and Sandbox courses have also been created for all faculty accounts. Blackboard course migrations have been completed for fall 2008, fall 2009, spring 2008, spring 2009, summer 2008, summer 2009, winter 2008, and winter 2009. Spring 2010 Blackboard courses and Blackboard organizations will be migrated in late May. Student D2L accounts will not be created until Summer 1. Students will receive a general e-mail communication about the Blackboard to Desire2Learn the transition next week, and new web sites with student D2L information will be released in May. Training workshops continue. All Pre-session courses will be hosted on Blackboard. All access to Blackboard will end on June 17, 2010. Additional information is available at the D2L Transition site.

E-mail Notes

  • Student E-mail: The transition to the new student e-mail service (Eagle Mail ) will conclude at the end of the semester. During this transition semester, automated forwarding has been provided for messages from the old student iClarion e-mail ( addresses to the new student Eagle Mail ( addresses. The automated forwarding will stop after the end of the spring semester. At the same time, access to the old student iClarion e-mail messages will also end. From Pre-Session Summer 2010 and forward, Eagle Mail will be used exclusively for Clarion student e-mail. Students will continue to use iClarion for registration and other "web for students" services. Faculty and staff access to e-mail and other services within iClarion will not change.
  • Faculty and Staff E-mail: Efforts continue with PASSHE to examine options to migrate employee e-mail services to a solution similar to Live@Edu. Clarion is participating in a PASSHE RFP to examine employee e-mail hosting services. The outcome of the RFP will be assessed and a final decision will be made. Through either a hosted or local solution, it was noted that a new employee e-mail system will be needed in 2011 due the ESIS project (iClarion e-mail is tied to the legacy SIS-Plus system which is being retired).

Tech Fee

  • Budget Status for 2009-10 Project: Funding has been released for the following "annual" items: PASSHE-related software site licenses, Library items, General IT items (bandwidth, etc.), Replacement Escrow (summer 2010 projects). A final decision is still pending for the funding of the 5 new projects and the smart classroom Phase 4 initiatives that were recommended to PEC.
  • Budget Discussion for 2010-11 Projects: As previously reported, 10-11 Tech Fee funding decisions are on hold pending the resolution of other budget issues. As such, a call for proposal for new projects for 10-11 was not completed. Nonetheless, UTAC did discuss Tech Fee budget priorities outside of the new projects and identified the following prioritized list for future funding consideration: 1) Annual Items (PASSHE-related licenses, Library, General IT); 2) Maintenance/renewal of Smart Classroom and Wireless Initiatives; 3) Maintenance/renewal of past Tech Fee projects; 4) Life-cycle funding for campus computer labs; 5) New projects.
  • Tech Fee PC reallocations and cascades: With the approved summer 2010 tech fee renewal projects, a number of approx. 4 year-old PC's and Macs will be replaced. Past UTAC practice with these units was to do a call for proposals for the reallocations to individual areas. In discussing the approach for 10-11, however, UTAC decided to not advance a general call due to the open issues and questions with life cycle funding for numerous computer labs on campus. Pending the outcome of the Tech Fee funding decisions, UTAC will initiate a computer lab review and identify a recommended reallocation of the replaced units to computer labs. a call for renewal.

Acceptable Use Policy Discussion

UTAC discussed feedback received from committee members about the new draft acceptable use policy that was developed using a state template. Concerns were expressed about the text is various areas of the template. In further discussion, UTAC agreed to a revised approach for compliance with new requirements in the PASSHE Board of Governors policy. Instead of completely replacing the current policy with the new template, UTAC agreed to advance a recommendation to PEC to amend the existing Clarion Acceptable Use of Technology Resources policy to include the new specific privacy language required by Board policy. The full policy re-write will be re-visited by UTAC in the future if warranted based on future state requirements.

Future UTAC Initiatives

Beyond the Tech Fee items, the committee discussed possible UTAC initiatives for 2010-11. For ESIS-related projects, the Faculty/Staff E-mail replacement project will be required. Likewise, a project will be needed to move the SAS statistical software that runs on the legacy SIS-Plus hardware (VMS) to another platform. A migration to Windows 7 was also discussed.  A pilot project will be completed in one computer lab this summer, then UTAC will need to outline the approach for a broader migration to Windows 7 going forward (subject of course to hardware readiness).