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France Allison Honors Awards

Chris Allison & Jane France


The Scholarship

France Allison scholarships and senior recognition are awarded annually.

France Allison Senior Recognition Awards

As part of the Honors Program requirements, seniors present their capstone experience to the university community. Within each concurrent session, one France Allison Honors awardee is selected. Recognition is competitive and based on presentation content, use of audiovisual aids, oral presentation skills, and the ability to respond to questions. Faculty judges partner with Honors Alumni in selecting the presenters recognized.   Spring Program / Fall Program


France Allison Tuition Scholarship Awards

The France Allison Tuition Scholarship Awards were established in 2011. Students are selected based on the following criteria:

  • 3.4 or above QPA

  • Honors Program enrollment in good standing

  • Demonstrated motivation for career goal

  • Demonstrated financial need 



The France Allison Honors Scholarships were created to provide enhanced Honors educational opportunities. Under the guiding principles of leadership, professional enrichment, and high-quality undergraduate research, students enrich their Honors education.