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Sigma Tau Gamma Honors Scholars

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The Scholarship

The Sigma Tau Gamma/Sigma Tau Scholarship Endowment was established in 2002 by the brothers of Sigma Tau fraternity. The fraternity promotes academic values and established this award as a way to give back to the university. Many of its brothers participated in extra curricular activities whose contributions helped establish the rich tradition of giving at Clarion University. To be considered, students must have accumulated 48 credit hours and be enrolled in the Honors Program. Students must have a cumulative QPA of 3.4 or above, show financial need per FAFSA documentation, and be involved with a service-related extra curricular activity.



The Sigma Tau Gamma Scholarship was created to provide scholarships for  academically talented students.

The award is based on academic credentials, community service, and financial need.

You'll find Sig Tau Scholars come to Clarion to study a range of disciplines. They are inquisitive scholars, athletes, and widely recognized for their achievements.


Sigma Tau Gamma Principles

Sigma Tau Gamma was founded with the understanding that all men are social creatures and that friendships made in college days are lasting ones. Believing that a social Fraternity must be dedicated to the highest ideals of manhood and brotherhood; to congeniality, the development of good personal characteristics and social poise; to good scholarship, mature thinking and action; to good citizenship, democratic principles and acceptance of responsibility; and, to loyalty and service to college, community, country and Fraternity; Founder Edward H. McCune authored a set of principles. Embraced by our founders and early members, these Principles have become our guide.

To enhance the worth or belonging.sig tau shield

To afford the environment for learning.

To develop good leaders for America.

To strive for superior performance.

To serve fraternity, college, country.

To perfect a structure of honor.


Sigma Tau Gamma History

They were not ordinary men. In an era when fewer than half of our nation's young people advanced beyond the eighth grade, and fewer still graduated from high school, these children of farmers, craftsmen, and shop keepers in sparsely populated rural Missouri counties were pursuing a normal school diploma, a two-year post high school education that qualified them to teach and administer public schools. Almost uniformly, they were as well qualified academically as students at the private and land grant colleges. They simply lacked the financial resources necessary for enrollment at those schools.

Their grandfathers were veterans of the Civil War. As volunteers, they were about to embark on a journey that would take them back to the "old country " in World War I, the "War to end all Wars." General John J. (Black Jack) Pershing, another of Missouri's native sons, was selected by President Woodrow Wilson to command the American Expeditionary Force.

Together they joined what was then called an Ambulance Company. Today we would call them corpsmen and emergency medical technicians. Near the end of 1918, after 18 months of battle, the armistice came, war ended, and after serving in the occupational force, they headed home by steamship.

While they were gone to war their school had become a four-year college. It was the summer of 1920. They were what we would today call non-traditional students. Emmett Ellis, their leader, was 29. These were not starry-eyed children. They were veterans who had met death face to face. They fully realized the essence of a life worth living, a life that manifests itself in caring, one for the other.

They were determined to make the bonds of brotherhood expressed in the trenches of WWI manifest in the bonds of brotherhood expressed in the enlightenment of a liberal arts education. They were, these founders of Sigma Tau Gamma, hopeful people.

Nothing has changed. Sigma Tau Gamma still values brotherhood, a liberal arts education, the pursuit of knowledge and the pursuit of the American dream for every member. And, we believe that those values apply to everyone. Sigma Tau Gamma does not discriminate. It was the first multi-racial fraternity.