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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course Id (currently sorted in Ascending order) Course TitleCourse Description
ENG 199
Intro To English Studies
Designed for and required of English majors. Provides intensive introduction to reading, discussing, and writing about literature. A small number of texts will be read, allowing for an introduction to different theoretical and critical approaches to, English studies. Students will apply various theories as they analyze texts. Students will use research techniques appropriate for English majors. Prerequisite: Exemption from or successful completion of the general education writing requirement. S,pring, annually.|
ENG 200
Comp & Lit
Stresses the writing of papers as a direct result of reading, analysis, discussion, and interpretation of a variety of literary types. Examines fiction, plays, essays, and poems from various cultural perspectives. Addresses research techniques and re,lated skills. Includes studies of women and minority writers. Prerequisite: Exemption from or successful completion of the general education writing requirement. Each semester.|
ENG 202
Beg Creat Writing
Introduces the techniques of creative writing in prose and poetry. Emphasizes writing practice for students and opportunities for guidance and critical examination of their work. Prerequisite: Exemption from or successful completion of the general ed,ucation writing requirement.|
ENG 207
Research Meth & Writing
Teaches how to conduct research and how to write a research paper. Prerequisite: Exemption from or successful completion of the general education writing requirement. Each semester.|
ENG 221
Lit Beg To 1800
Surveys English literature and its historic, intellectual, and cultural contexts beginning with Beowulf and extending through the works of such writers as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Pope, Swift, Dryden, and Johnson, and provides highlights of the,development of modern English. Fall, annually.|
ENG 222
Eng Lit 1800 To Present
Surveys English literature from circa 1800 and includes selected works of such major writers as the Wordsworths, Coleridge, the Shelleys, Keats, Tennyson, Browning, Arnold, Woolf, Joyce, Eliot, and Lessing. Spring, annually.|
ENG 225
Us Lit Beg To 1860
Surveys major periods and writers of American literature from its beginnings to 1860. Enables students to understand the continuities and discontinuities of American literature. Includes writings by traditional male and female authors, as well as m,inority authors. Instructors may use historical and/or thematic approaches. Fall, annually.|
ENG 226
Us Lit 1860 To Present
Surveys major periods and writers of American literature from 1860 to the present. Enables students to understand the continuities and discontinuities of American literature. Includes writings by traditional male and female authors, as well as minor,ity authors. Instructors may use historical and/or thematic approaches. Spring, annually.|
ENG 227
World Lit:Backgrd & Trad
Examines some of the world's most influential literature, providing an overview of literary history from antiquity into the 19th century. Considers Asian, Middle Eastern, and pre-colonial American literatures as well as works from the European tradi,tion. Fall, annually.|
ENG 228
Modern Contemp World Lit
Surveys international literature from the past 150 years, with a focus on the fiction, drama, and poetry of significant authors. Studies national literatures within their respective social, historical, and geographical contexts, with an effort to id,entify cross-cultural developments. Spring, annually.|
ENG 230
Intro Afri-Amer Lit
Provides insight into the African-American experience through the reading and discussion of the works of African-American writers who have made significant contributions to literature. Includes various genres: poetry, short fiction, drama, film, the, novel, autobiography. No prerequisite.|
ENG 231
Intro Asian-Amer Lit
Provides an overview of Asian-American literature, introducing students to representative authors from its various periods of development, emphasizing contemporary works in different genres. No prerequisite.|
ENG 232
Intro To Native Am Lit
This course features Native American folktales and narratives, literature and contemporary films in order to discuss the Native American experience in relation to and independent of Europeans. The course will involve plotting an American history tim,eline and mapping reservations, as well as featuring moments in Native American history in conjunction with the literature under examination. External American and African American authors will also be used to fully understand the value of Native Am,erican literature.|
ENG 241
Voices In Canadian Lit
Introduces major English-Canadian writers, presented in their cultural and historical contexts. Selected French-Canadian works in English supplement the core offerings. No prerequisite.|
ENG 242
Intro To Amer Folklore
Introduces the major genres of American folklore: legend, tale, folk belief, song and ballad, and material folk culture; and various folk groups in America: occupational, gender, ethnic, age, regional, and their traditions. Analyzes examples of Am,erican literature and American popular culture through an examination of their American folk elements. Provides students with fieldwork experiences and methods of analysis of oral, customary, and material traditions. No prerequisite. Fall, annually.|
ENG 243
English Bible As Lit
This course offers a literary, historical and folkloric approach to the Bible in English. We will read much of the Bible, using a modern English translation of the King James version. We will place these readings in their literary, cultural, histor,ical and geographical contexts, approaching the Bible as an anthology of sorts, containing writings of considerable literary merit and literary and cultural interest.|
ENG 244
Spec Topics
Focuses on themes and topics of universal and/or current interest as embodied in literature. The special subject of Each semester's offerings will be announced in pre-registration. Suitable for both English and non-English majors and may be taken up,to three times for credit, provided different topics are offered. On demand.|
ENG 249
Provides an understanding of what satire is, what it accomplishes, and how it is related to other literary modes. Students will analyze subjects often targeted by satirists, such as racism, sexism, etc., and satiric techniques in such forms as fictio,n (which will include short stories by women and minority writers), poetry, art, music, films, and television satire. No prerequisite. Fall, annually.|
ENG 250
Western Mythology
Concentrates on Greco-Roman myth and legends to demonstrate the systematic nature and recurrent patterns of mythology. Designed to give students a thorough knowledge of content and to clarify questions of form. No prerequisite. Spring, annually.|
ENG 254
Movie Studies
Explores how movies mean through readings of various classic and popular texts, how movies construct viewers, and how they simultaneously mirror and create the cultures of which they are a part.Prerequisite: Successful completion of Gen. Ed. writing,requirement. Each semester.|
ENG 262
Intro To Eng Lang
Deals generally with the nature of language and specifically with the grammatical structures of modern English, its regional and social varieties, and certain highlights of its historical development. Each semester.|
ENG 263
Eng Grammars & Eng Usage
Provides an intensive study of English grammar and problems in usage. Emphasizes differences between prescriptive and descriptive approaches to usage, and between traditional and generative approaches to grammar. Each semester.|
ENG 265
Survey Of Women's Lit
Surveys women writers from the Medieval period to the present. The contributions of these women to a distinctly female literary tradition provides the focus of study, but critical issues regarding women's literature will also be discussed and explore,d. Pedagogical techniques will include lecture, discussion, film, and collaborative learning, among others. Fall, annually.|
ENG 270
Trng For Writing Ctr Tut
In conjunction with weekly staff meetings throughout the semester, tutors learn methods of responding to student writing, implementing corrective measures, and teaching as well as using word processing. Tutors are accepted by invitation only on the b,asis of performance in writing courses; minimum 3.0 QPA. Venango Campus only. Each semester.|
ENG 297
Writing & Visual Argument
Provides instruction in composing a visual, rhetorically driven argument based on an alphabetic text traditionally taught in composition classrooms. Elements of composition instruction such as planning, organization, rhetorical choices, audience awa,reness, purpose, and argument provide the foundation for written and visual assignments. Prerequisite: Successful completion of ENG 111.|
ENG 298
Read & Writ Argmt & Persuasion
Offers advanced practice in analyzing and creating argumentative and persuasive texts, both written and visual. Students will analyze, write about, and produce written and visual arguments and persuasive texts in popular, political,legal, and academ,ic fields. Includes readings, writing, research, and presentations. Prerequisite: Exemption from or successful completion of the general education writing requirement.|
ENG 301
Writing Non-Fict Prose
Provides experience in writing non-fiction. Focuses on any of several types of non-fiction, including formal essay, autobiography, and creative non-fiction. Students will also study published examples of the genre under consideration and will critiq,ue examples presented by peers. Prerequisite: Exemption from or successful completion of the general education writing requirement. Each semester.|
ENG 303
Craft Of Fiction
Provides extensive practice in writing fiction. Student work receives intensive group critique. Course standards roughly approximate those of commercial fiction editors. Prerequisite: ENG 202 or permission of instructor, based on examination of wri,ting samples. Spring, even-numbered years.|
ENG 304
Craft Of Poetry
Provides the advanced writer intensive practice in the writing of poetry. Students must produce a portfolio of high-quality poetry by the end of the course. Prerequisite: ENG 202 or permission of instructor based on examination of writing samples. Sp,ring, annually.|
ENG 306
Scien And Tech Writing
Provides experience in writing practical prose in a variety of scientific and/or technical settings for a broad spectrum of readers. Involves techniques of writing documents of definition, mechanism, and process description; sets of instructions; pro,posals and reports; and the use of appropriate document and graphic designs. Especially useful to majors in biology, chemistry, computer science, laboratory technology, nursing, physics, and others. Prerequisite: Junior standing. Spring, odd-numbere,d years.|