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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course IdCourse Title (currently sorted in Descending order) Course Description
MMAJ 444
WWW Publication Design
Develops competencies in writing and editing copy for World Wide Web media. Students will learn to structure web sites, layout copy, use color and text effectively, position images, and deploy sound and video. Students develop skills in editing publi,c relations, advertising, and news-oriented web sites. Prerequisite: MMAJ 371 or permission of instructor. On demand.|
MMAJ 140
Writing For Media
Develops fundamental skills in writing and/or visualizing for a variety of media forms. Emphasizes print and broadcast newswriting, advertising copywriting, and public relations writing. Prerequisite: ENG 111 or consent of instructor. Each semester.|
MMAJ 556
Trng Pgm Plan & Design
Investigates various theories of learning and instructional strategies used in training in corporate organizations and educational environments. The participant will identify a method appropriate to his or her content area, and plan and design an ins,tructional system suited to adult learners in an in-service training environment.|
MMAJ 700
Requires the student to conduct a research study in communication, using acceptable research methods and under the supervision of a faculty member and committee; permission to enroll in this course is by invitation of the graduate faculty in the Depa,rtment of Communication. This course is one of three options to complete the degree requirements in the graduate program. Prerequisite: COMM 621. Three or six credits a semester for an overall total of six credits.|
MMAJ 270
Temporal Media
Provides initial instruction on communicating via motion and passage of time. Includes the syntax of motion and production techniques in video and animation. Each semester.|
MMAJ 426
Telecommunications Policy
Provides a foundation in the U.S. policymaking process in telecommunications (broadcasting, cable, telephone, and the Internet). Examines the impact of technology and social influences on policymaking and the theoretical perspectives that drive poli,cymaking. Prerequisite: MMAJ 100 or 101|
MMAJ 353
Studio Production
Develop basic skills in studio production techniques, including producing, crew positions, lighting, and on-camera talent. Prerequisite: MMAJ 270.|
MMAJ 499
Special Topics
Focuses on a single, broad contemporary topic of current interest in communication and related fields. Course content varies from semester to semester. Topics to be considered will be announced in advance. May be taken three times for credit.|
MMAJ 599
Special Topics
Focuses on a single, broad contemporary topic of current interest in communication and related fields. Course content varies from semester to semester. Topics to be considered wil be announced in advance. May be taken three times for credit. No p,rerequisite.|
MMAJ 558
Society, Law & Media Tch
This course will examine the social impact and regulation of media technology in society. The course will explore the relationships between societal uses of media technology, the law that addresses media technology issues and the role of media in lar,ger communication and mass media systems. Every other year.|
MMAJ 476
Short Film
A film production course. Students will make up a crew that will produce a feature-style film short. The capstone course in the film concentration applies previous coursework and experience to the creation of a major work and will allow students th,e full expression of the concentration. Prerequisite: MMAJ 445, 455.|
MMAJ 495
Senior Portfolio
This capstone course enables students to develop their work utilizing the theory and application techniques of planning, writing, producing and directing to complete their digital/film portfolio for the B.F.A. exhibit. Prerequisites: MMAJ 4455 and,MMAJ 455|
MMAJ 692
Sem In Comm Ed & Mass Media
Focuses on critical examination of issues, research, and innovations in the field of communication education and mass media technology.|
MMAJ 372
This course is designed to concentrate on the development, execution and formatting of a narrative short script. Designed in a lecture/workshop format, students will produce a polished log line, synopsis, treatment, character profiles, and twenty-mi,nute screenplay, The course will also cover distribution, marketing strategies, and pitching a script.|
MMAJ 341
Publications Editing
Provides fundamental instruction in editing skills, copy editing, headline writing, typography, photographs, copy control, and layout. Examines the role and responsibilities of the editor. Prerequisite: MMAJ 140.|
MMAJ 371
Publications Design
This course teaches principles of visual communication in print and electronic publications. Students gain design and production skills through extensive application of these principles to a wide variety of publications. Prerequisite: MMAJ 140.|
MMAJ 443
Public Relations Writing
Provides students with instruction and experience in writing for the public relations and advertising professions. Projects include news releases, media kits, advertisements, newsletters, brochures, and web pages. Coursework also stresses ethical and, legal responsibilities of the public relations writer, research, persuasion, and visual elements of communication. Prerequisites: MMAJ 100 or 101, and 140.|
MMAJ 551
Public Relations Foundations
Focuses on the roles and responsibilities of public relations professionals, theories and prniciples of public relations, and public relations programming. Students will work to develop knowledge, expertise and skills that lead to professional compet,ence in the field. As part of their study, students will also consider the legal and ethical dimensions of public relations.|
MMAJ 430
Public Relations Ethics
Addresses ethics and professional responsibility in public relations. Through study of theory, cases and current events, students will learn to identify the ethical and moral dimensions of issues that arise in the practice of public relations. Studen,ts will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to reach and justify ethical decisions, and a sense of personal and professional responsibility. Prerequisites: MMAJ 140, MMAJ 312 and MMAJ 443, with a grade of C or above in each course. Annually|
MMAJ 417
Public Relations Campaigns
This course explores the processes of public relations research, strategic planning, tactics and evaluation in creating and managing PR campaigns. Students will integrate theory and professional skills by analyzing existing PR campaigns and current,events. The course culminates in a PR campaign that students create for an actual client. Prerequisites: MMAJ 140, MMAJ 312 and MMAJ 443 with a grade of C or above in each course.|
MMAJ 573
Publ Relat Ethics & Prof Resp
Addresses the ethical and moral dimensions of the public relations practice, and prepares students to understand the ethical responsibilities of the public relations professional. Through case studies, analysis of current events, and hands-on exerci,ses, this course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to reach and justify ethical decisions in a range of situations. Throughout, students work to build a sense of personal and professional responsibility in public relations.,Prerequisite: MMAJ 551|
MMAJ 574
Publ Rela Cases & Campaigns
Using public relations cases and campaigns as models, this course examines the development of public relations strategies along with the tactical communications and actions that were instituted to achieve organizational goals. Public relations progr,ams directed toward employees, the news media, the community, the consumer, governmental officials and agencies, stockholders and other relevant groups are included in the course. Prerequisite: MMAJ 551|
MMAJ 641
Professional Comm Writing
This course provides advanced instruction in communication writing for use in a range of media-related careers. It focuses on the methodology and execution of specific projects professionals are likely to encounter in the workplace including speeche,s, grants, visual presentations and research reports. Prerequisities: COMM 551, COMM 525|
MMAJ 575
Prin of Integrated Comm
This course examines the theories and techniques of integrated communications, including public relations, advertising, marketing, sales promotions, and personal selling. It explores how all forms of communications work together to achieve organizat,ional objectives and contribute to its overall brand. In this course, students will also learn how to research and evaluate a company's marketing and promotional situation, and use this information to develop effective integrated communications stra,tegies and programs. Prerequisite: MMAJ 551|
MMAJ 540
Prin Of Inst Design & Ed Tech
This course focuses on systematic procedures for designing, developing, evaluating and revising instruction to meet identified goals and objectives for promoting educational technology. Instructional design theories and applications will be examined,. The appropriateness and production of both projected and non-projected multimedia will be explored in the production of instructional solutions for the targeted audience including the K-12 community and other training and development learning envi,ronments. Fall, annually.|
MMAJ 475
Presentation Graphics
Design and production of graphic materials for the presentation of information in training sessions, sales and stockholder meetings, and other small and large group situations. May be taken concurrently with SCT 214.|
MMAJ 375
Provides basic principles of photography and intermediate principles of photojournalism. Study of camera and digital photography processing using programs such as Photoshop including the production of photographes for news, advertising, scientific, a,nd instructional use. Camera required. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.|
MMAJ 565
Photo & Grahic Prod
Provides an integrated introduction into graphic and photographic production techniques. Layout, design, and composition techniques will be developed.|
MMAJ 312
P R Prin & Practice
Provides fundamental instruction in public relations practices, including program planning and evaluation, working with the media, writing for public relations, and coordinating special events and functions. Explores the structure, ethics, and proces,s of public relations in business, institutions, and American society through readings and discussion. Prerequisite: COMM 100 and grade of C or above in MMAJ 140. Note: Undergraduate students completing COMM 312 may enroll in COMM 551. Annually|
MMAJ 345
Newswriting for Internet Media
This course develops reporting, writing and editing skills for internet delivery. Students understand the continuum of the cycle of news demanded by internet news sources, and the fundamental differences between online and traditional media. The int,ernet requires reporters and writers to think differently about the structure, appearance and detail in news stories. Students will report, write and edit news stories for the internet that are interactive and nonlinear. Prerequisite: MMAJ 140|