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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course IdCourse Title (currently sorted in Descending order) Course Description
BSAD 243
Wills, Trusts & Estates
Provides instruction regarding the administration of the probate estate as well as necessary documentation and filing requirements. Students gain understanding of various laws governing transfer of property at death as well as tax consequences of suc,h a transfer. Students also study creation of trusts and transfers during life. Concepts are applied to the actual drafting of wills, trusts, codicils, and ancillary documents. Prerequisite: BSAD 240. Biennially, Fall Semester at Venango.|
FIN 463
Tax Planning
Acquaints students with tax planning techniques that can be used to accomplish an individual's financial goals. Enables students to suggest actions that fit the individual's financial priorities based on an understanding of financial position, cash f,low and income, gift and estate tax matters. Prerequisite: ACTG 353.|
FIN 399
Special Topics
Presents various current topics in finance theory and practice. Covers different topics from year to year, as subjects of importance are identified. Prerequisite: FIN 370. On demand.|
FIN 473
Retrmnt Est Plan
An overview of individual income taxation, including an in-depth look at pensions, profit sharing, and other deferred compensation plans, estates, trusts, and applicable tax laws. Prerequisite: FIN 463. Once annually.|
RE 470
Residential Real Est App
Introduces the principles of real estate appraisal. Focuses primarily upon those appraisal techniques and analyses which concern the estimation of the value of residential and commercial properties. Prerequisite or co-requisite: RE 271. Offered bienn,ially.|
RE 271
Real Estate Practice
Introduces the practice of real estate brokerage, real estate appraisal, real estate finance, and real estate investments. Second in a two-sequence course (with RE 270) required to fulfill the educational requirement for licensure as a real estate sa,lesperson in the state of Pennsylvania. Prerequisite: RE 270. Annually.|
RE 374
Real Estate Mktg & Brokerage
Examines real estate marketing and brokerage management. Topics include the regulatory environment, marketing, advertising, sales management, and personal selling. Prerequisite or Co-requisite: RE 271 or permission of Instructor. Offered biennially,.|
RE 475
Real Estate Mgmt
Provides instruction in the management of real property. Examines the maintenance, operation, and marketing of real estate. Prerequisite or co-requisite: RE 271. Offered biennially.|
RE 471
Real Estate Market & Invest An
Provides the necessary background to evaluate prospective real estate investment analysis. Examines both financial and non-financial aspects of investing in real property including risk, market analysis, portfolio impacts, and income taxation conseq,uences. Prerequisites: RE 271. Offered biennially.|
BSAD 247
Real Estate Law For Para
Includes estates in land, property sales contracts, deed preparation, title abstracts, searching courthouse records, adverse possession, easements, judgments and liens, tax sales, and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. Students learn to compl,ete all necessary documents involved in all real estate transactions and to prepare all histories of title so that the attorney may certify the title and complete closing. Prerequisite: BSAD 240. Biannually, Spring Semester at Venango.|
RE 372
Real Estate Law
Covers the legal relationships and legal instruments used in the practice of real estate. Prerequisite: RE 270. Annually.|
RE 270
Real Estate Fund
Introduces the broad area of real estate. Lays foundation of important principles for in-depth study. First in a two-sequence course (with RE 271) required to fulfill the educational requirement for licensure as a real estate salesperson in the state, of Pennsylvania. Each semester.|
RE 373
Real Estate Finance
A study of the methods of financing the purchase of real estate. Prerequisite or co-requisite: RE 271 or FIN 370. Annually.|
RE 570
RE Market and Invest Analysis
This course will examine the fundamentals of real estate analysis. It will explore real property law, appraisal, finance, market and investment analysis, and property management.|
FIN 374
Prop/Casualty Ins
In-depth study of property and liability risk exposures, personal and commercial lines, production, underwriting, claims, ratemaking, and loss control functions as well as regulations of insurance. Prerequisite: FIN 373. Spring, annually.|
FIN 476
Portfolio Theory & Mgmt
Examines modern portfolio theory and its application to investment strategies; study of options and future markets; investigation of market efficiency. Prerequisite: FIN 376. Annually|
FIN 474
Personal Financial Planning
Capstone course requires that students apply through case studies, written reports, and presentations each of the major segments of personal financial planning including the financial planning process, ethical and professional considerations of finan,cial planning, insurance policies and strategies, risk management, investment vehicles, tax planning strategies, retirement plans and employee benefits, and estate planning. Students are encouraged to complete the other courses within the Personal F,inancial Planning major prior to or contemporaneous with completion of this course. Prerequisite: FIN 370. Spring, annually.|
FIN 378
Personal Finance
This course will contain a review of each of the major segments of personal finance, including the financial planning process, cash budgeting, credit card and debt management, investing, insurance policies and strategies, tax planning strategies, ret,irement plans, employee benefits, and estates, wills, and trusts. This course is not available for Personal Finance majors or for any student who has completed FIN 474: Personal Financial Planning. Prerequisite: Junior standing or instructor's per,mission. Fall, biennially.|
FIN 480
Multinational Finance
Examines the theory and practice of financial management in the multinational firms. Focuses on important differences between domestic and international financial decision-making. Prerequisite: FIN 370.|
FIN 375
Mgmt Finan Inst
Descriptive analysis of the operations of financial institutions, such as commercial banks, savings banks, insurance companies. Examines techniques and principles involved in the management of financial institutions. Prerequisites: ECON 211 and FIN 3,70. Annually.|
BSAD 242
Methods Of Legal Resrch
Students learn the traditional legal research materials and brief writing techniques, including use of digests and citators. Emphasizes legal research in the area of administrative law. Prerequisite: BSAD 240. Spring, annually, Venango only.|
FIN 377
Medical Care Fin
The role of a financial manager in the health care setting. A study of the theoretical and analytical procedures involved in medical fund raising, capital budgeting, expense analysis, rate structuring, and hospital asset management as well as other f,inancial abilities required in the operation and planning of modern health care facilities. Prerequisite: FIN 370. Offered on demand.|
FIN 570
Managerial Finance
A study of financial management approaches to evaluating complex alternatives for using available resources in both a domestic and a multinational context. Prerequisites: ACTG 252, FIN 370.|
BSAD 248
Legal Writing
Detailed study of the various writing tasks performed by a legal assistant. Students become proficient at writing pleadings, trial briefs, appellate briefs, legal memoranda, demand letters, and informational requests. Familiarizes students with vario,us briefing techniques and rules of style. Explores the required briefing forms of various courts and administrative appeal agencies. Prerequisites: BSAD 240 and 242. Fall, annually at Venango.|
BSAD 240
Legal Environment I
Surveys law and society. Orients students to the judicial systems of the United States and the legal remedies and mechanisms at their disposal. Compares and contrasts both civil and equitable court functions through the illustrations of common law co,ntracts, torts, criminal law, property law, and the administration of decedents' estates. Each semester at Clarion Campus. Fall annually at Venango.|
BSAD 241
Legal Environ II
Applies concepts explored in BSAD 240, Legal Environment I, in a business context. Emphasizes general substantive business law topics; i.e.: agency, partnerships, corporations, sales, negotiable instruments, and real property. Prerequisite: BSAD 240., Each semester at Clarion Campus. Spring, annually at Venango.|
BSAD 540
Legal Env & Eth Conduct In Bus
This course is design to provide the MBA student with an understanding of the concepts and issues related to the management of legal, ethical and social responsibilities of business organizations. Students learn the basic tools needed to manage a bus,iness in the legal environment in which it operates, to recognize and respond to ethical problems and social responsibilities of business, and to understand their personal responsibilities as business managers. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.|
FIN 376
Examines investment goals and the current environment for investments, including the nature of the investment process and securities markets; analysis of risk and return, especially as it applies to common stocks, preferred stocks, and bonds; introdu,ction to portfolio management and portfolio theory. Prerequisite: FIN 370. Fall, annually.|
FIN 676
Investment Mgmt
A study of the structure and management of investment portfolios. Various types of investments are examined in terms of their risk elements and the purposes they serve.|
BSAD 238
Intro to Paralegal Studies
Designed to provide an introduction to the present and potential role of the legal assistant within our legal system. The student will be introduced to the operation of the court structure and the tasks handled by paralegals within this structure., Introduction to legal research and office computers as well as ethical obligations of the Legal Assistant will be emphasized. A prerequisite for all other Legal Business Studies courses.|
FIN 170
Intro To Finance
Introduces students to the rudiments of finance and elementary financial decision making. Surveys the basics of investments, financial management, and financial markets and institutions. No prerequisites. Annually.|
FIN 371
Interm Finance
In-depth study of corporate financial issues that face today's financial manager. Students learn to incorporate risk into capital budgeting decisions; study mergers and acquisitions; analyze bankruptcies, reorganizations, and lease financing; and stu,dy other advanced financial issues prevalent in today's domestic and multinational corporations. Prerequisite: FIN 370. Annually.|
RE 472
Income Prop Appraisal
Provides advanced instruction in income property appraisal. Addresses the techniques and analysis necessary to estimate the value of an income producing property. Prerequisite: RE 470. Offered on demand.|
FIN 373
Fund Of Insurance
A study of the concept of risk management and the several methods for handling risks. Emphasizes insurance as transfer method. Discusses fundamental principles of insurance, insurance as a contract, and the insurance policy, including property and li,ability coverage, life and health, and social insurance. Annually.|
FIN 471
Financial Problems
Capstone course challenges students to integrate and synthesize, through case methods, their knowledge in finance. Emphasizes corporate finance in application of theoretical underpinning, but some cases also will deal with investments, financial inst,itutions, and markets. Prerequisite: FIN 371.|
FIN 370
Financial Management
Examines the acquisition, management, and analysis of short-term and long-term funds both in the domestic and international environment. Emphasizes financial analysis, time value of money and valuation of securities, working capital management, capit,al budgeting under certainty and uncertainty, risk and return, cost of capital, and the optimal capital structure. Prerequisites: ECON 212 and ACTG 252. Each semester.|
FIN 500
Financial Management
Examines the acquisition, management, and analysis of short-term and long-term funds both in the domestic and international environment. Emphasizes financial analysis, time value of money and valuation of securities, working capital management, capit,al budgeting under certainty and uncertainty, risk and return, cost of capital, and the optimal capital structure.|
FIN 671
Fin Theory & Pract
A case-study approach to the theory and practice of corporate financial issues which must be addressed by a financial manager. Emphasis will be placed on capital budgeting decisions under varying circumstances and theoretical corporate financial conc,erns. Prerequisite: FIN 570.|
BSAD 249
Field Experience
BSAD 239
Family Law
In-depth study of all of the area of family law encountered by a legal assistant. Includes divorce, custody, child and spousal support, adoptions, termination of parental rights, and abuse of family members. Students learn both substantive law and pr,ocedure. Includes the creation of legal pleadings in the family law area. Prerequisite: BSAD 240. Biennially, Fall Semester at Venango.|
BSAD 340
Environmental Law
A study of environmental law and policy in the United States. Explores the method in which business entities and environmental organization--government and nongovernment--achieve compliance. Focuses on case law providing legal remedies for environmen,tal torts and crimes. Prerequisite: BSAD 240. Spring, annually.|
BSAD 250
Criminal Law And Procedure
An introduction to the procedures and practice of criminal law. This course will examine the development of law and an analysis of the criminal system bureaucracy, including punishment, courts and police. This course shall survey the system from th,e initial contact with the offender through prosecution, sentencing and release to the community.|
BSAD 246
Civil Litigation
In-depth study of various court procedures, including discovery, that the legal assistant will use in supporting an attorney during litigation. Familiarizes students with the rules of court, including both criminal and civil practice. Instructs legal, assistants on how to prepare various court documents. Prerequisite: BSAD 240. Offered at Venango.|
BSAD 244
Administrative Law
In-depth study of various administrative law topics. Familiarizes students with statutes and regulations supporting Social Security, unemployment compensation, and workmen's compensation. Involves study of judicial precedent and mock hearing practice,. Prerequisite: BSAD 240. Biennially, Spring Semester at Venango.|