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ATMAE Accreditation

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The Value of ATMAE Accreditation

"Accreditation certifies quality and denotes high academic standards to students, parents, employers, faculty, the administration, and the general public that cannot be evaluated or verified in any other way."


  • Accreditation sustains and enhances the quality of higher education.
    • By acting as the "Gatekeeper" for assuring a threshold level of quality
    • By requiring periodic review
    • By providing major regional and national fora for higher education quality
  • Accreditation maintains the academic values of higher education
    • By reinforcing institutional autonomy, academic freedom and commitment to degree education
  • Accreditation is a buffer against the politicizing of higher education.
    • By in part the willingness of federal and state government's reliance on accreditation to assure academic quality
  • Accreditation serves public interest and need.
    • By providing assurance that an accredited program meets a set of quality standards