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Intramurals Program


Only Clarion University students, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in intramurals and other recreation programs. For specific eligibility rules for each activity, consult the information sheet for that particular event which is posted on the Intramural Bulletin Board in the Student Recreation Center . Non-students may not participate!

Steps for Getting Involved in Intramurals

  • Review the list of intramurals scheduled for the current semester.
    • Go to the Fall Intramural Schedule or the Spring Intramural Schedule.  Click on the activity in which you are interested to access and print an information sheet in MS Word.
    • Check the Intramurals Bulletin Board (located in the hallway on the first floor of the Rec Center) for a list of intramurals and other recreation activities.
  • Pay particular attention to the registration deadlines and the roster limits for each activity.
  • REGISTER ON-LINE for each activity, or with a paper form at the Rec Center front desk.  
  • Captains must submit a phone number; you will be contacted prior to your first scheduled game.
  • You may play on ONLY 1 team in each division.  For example, a guy can play on one men's team and one co-rec team.  No exceptions!  Once you play for one team, you MAY NOT switch teams.
  • Review the Intramurals Guidelines for information about officials, injuries, forfeits, and protests.
  • Attend the captain's meeting, if applicable.  All information and rules are posted on the Intramural Bulletin Board in the Rec Center.

For Intramural News

Check the REC Center Intramural Bulletin Board or the IM NEWS section in The Clarion Call for more information, team standings, special events, and other intramural news.

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Call the Student Recreation Center Reception Desk at 814-393-1667.