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So You Want to Put on a Talent Show

Here are some things you should know...

Requirements for a Talent Show

  • 8-10 contestants maximum
  • Space request 30 days prior to the event
  • 1 day for Tech rehearsal
    • You must have a rehearsal for the show
    • This should occur on a day before the show date
    • Expect to perform the entire show
  • 1 day for show

Before putting on your show

  • Did you fill out a space request?
  • Did you schedule a meeting with the Events Support Team Manager?
    • Contact Carl Callenburg at 814-393-2449 or
    • Meeting Agenda
      • Did you decide what technical needs you have?
        • Microphones
        • Music
        • Lighting
        • Types of Talent
        • Talents that may require special tech
        • Order of talents
  • Technical Requirements
    • Any CDs used must be given to the crew before the rehearsal
    • Four copies of the written timeline for the show, including songs, participants and MCs

Check List and Timeline

  • Space Request
    • In the planning phase
    • Spaces go fast, get your quickly
  • Meet with the Events Support Team
    • In the planning phase
    • Decide on technical needs
    • No one will attend if they don't know what's happening