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Computer Information Science (CIS)


Degrees Offered and Course Information

The Computer Information Science (CIS) Department offers two degree programs:

  •  B.S. in Computer Science (CS)
  •  B.S. in Information Systems (IS)

A description of our degree programs provides information about our two majors and explains some of the differences.

Checksheets and course maps  show the courses that must be taken for both the CS and the IS degree programs. This will help you plan your course selection.

The CIS department course descriptions give more details about course content and the registrar has an online schedule of classes.

We also offer three minors:

  •  Minor in Computer Science
  •  Minor in Information Systems
  •  Minor in Web Development

The CIS department has multiple scholarships available.

The admissions office can help if you want to apply to Clarion to study CS or IS.

Career Options

Jobs in information technology have been ranked as one of the "best jobs in America" by Money Magazine year after year.  In fact, in 2006 and 2010, information technology jobs claimed the #1 spot and in 2010 claimed 5 of the top 20 jobs!

Students graduate from our programs with a solid education and get very good jobs with such outstanding employers as Raytheon, E-Systems, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Mellon Bank, America Online and EDS.

Students can also be found in successful positions in local schools, banks and small businesses as well as local, state and federal government positions.

Graduates become Computer Scientists, Software Engineers, Programmers, System Analysts, Network Managers, Computer Auditors, IT Specialists and Database Managers.

Other career areas include Documentation, Product Support, Sales And Marketing, Education, Security, and Consulting.



The CIS department office is located in Becker Hall which is where our classes are taught and where the CIS faculty offices are located.

Our computer labs are also located in Becker Hall and provide hardware, software and wi-fi connections for laptops.