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If you wish to see what history classes are offered, check the Registrar's Web page

History is the discipline of critical inquiry into the human past. The history major introduces students to the study of causes and consequences of change through an examination of social, political, economic, cultural, and intellectual developments over time. The enterprise of history is much more than a recitation of facts and dates. It encourages students to examine the values of their society and those of other societies. It prepares students to read critically, think analytically, and argue logically about the events and forces that have shaped past and present worlds. These skills have served students well in a wide range of careers in business, law, public policy and advocacy, education, journalism historical societies, museums, and archives.

The department's goal is to help students view issues from a variety of perspectives. To assure breadth and depth, the history faculty offer courses in areas that span the globe as well as time. Students can take courses in the history of the United States, Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Students can also explore history through a number of distinctive specializations such as women's history, labor history, the history of religion, and African American history, as well as through methods courses in historical research and historiography. In addition to a B.A. and minor in history, the History Department offers minors in ancient Mediterranean studies and black studies.

The black studies minor invites students to investigate the variety of black experiences in Africa and the African diaspora including North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Australia. At Clarion, students can study history as the foundation of a comprehensive, challenging liberal arts education while preparing themselves for numerous career opportunities.