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Items to bring for summer

Some things you will need:

Medical insurance information - company name and id number

Money for books, laundry, snacks, printing

Tennis or closed toe shoes

Bring a book you read this year.  If you haven't read one then you might want to read

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch ISBN 1401323251

Linens, towels, sheets twin, blankets, comforter/bedspread, piller

Calculator - no you can't use your cell phone as a calculator in clss

Alarm Clock

Personal items and toiletries

Toilet paper, a shower curtain (full bath tub size), shower mat and cleaning supplies for the bathroom.  Shower caddy; shower shoes or flip-flops

School Supplies, notebooks, pencils, pens, notecards or 3X5 cards

Some Items you might want to Bring:

Laptop, office software is cheaper when you buy it from the campus bookstore OR free at, you may also need a flash drive - jump drive, portable storage

Photos of family and friends

Floor pillow, desk lamp (not halogen)

baseball glove, swim gear

Band aids, over the counter medicines

A local bank account

I don't recommend but you can bring a Refrigerator (maximum 4.0 cubic feet) or a microfridge a stand alone microwave with 700 watts or less.  Hot pots, hot-air popcorn poppers, and coffee makers with automatic shut-off features are allowed.  All other cooking appliances are prohibited.

I don't recommend bringing a television or gaming system for summer

Items Students are NOT Allowed to Bring to Residence Halls:

Halogen Lamps

Wireless Router







BB guns/Paint Guns

Metal Tipped Darts

All pets except fish (10 gallon tank or less)


There may be additions to the restrictions placed on what students may bring into the residence halls as deemed necessary by the Residence Life Services office.

Sign up for fall housing in Nair or Wilkinson Hall at  Make sure you choose the option for EOP under Academic/Athletic program in the living preferences section of the application.  You will need your Cnet ( and the password is SSN followed by your birthday MM/DD) 123564789MMDD