CU acquires extra $150,000 to award to students

August 1, 2019

The Addison Gibson Foundation has granted $150,000 to Clarion University to distribute to qualifying students this year.

This is the second year in a row that Addison Gibson has entrusted Clarion University with money to award. Last year, Addison Gibson assigned $100,000 to CU for distribution, which benefitted 34 students with scholarships across a variety of majors. All of the students were from western Pennsylvania.

Increased scholarship dollars means easier access to education for Clarion students, many of whom require some type of financial aid to make their education a reality.

"The Addison Gibson Scholarship Fund has been a great help to our students. Clarion's goal is to make the dream of a college education as affordable as possible, and with these scholarships we've been able to reduce students' loan debt, and assist them in achieving that dream!" said David Dollins, Clarion University's associate vice president for enrollment management. "The recipients of the Addison Gibson Scholarship are all excellent and highly capable individuals, with the average GPA of recipients being a 3.6. We look forward to being able to award this year's scholarships to highly deserving students as we know it makes such a meaningful impact."

Last Updated 8/1/19