Vega releases fourth edition of ‘Climatology’ textbook

September 1, 2017

Tony VegaDr. Anthony Vega, Clarion University professor of biology and geosciences, recently published the fourth edition of his textbook, “Climatology,” co-written with Robert V. Rohli.

The fourth edition features a completely revised, full-color art program that enhances clarity and gradation of all maps, climographs and images to help readers better understand the diversity of climate within varying climate types.

The text covers the basics of atmospheric science in the early Climatology fourth editionchapters and provides the breadth and depth of topics to challenge the more experienced reader. "Climatology, Fourth Edition" aims to improve students' communication skills, encourage critical-thinking and invoke a sense of social responsibility.

The book is available through Google Play, Jones & Bartlett Learning,, Barnes&, Books-A-Million and IndieBound.

Last Updated 4/9/18