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Graduate students enrolled in any program at Clarion University are invited to apply for up to $800 in funds to support independent research or a scholarly project to be conducted in collaboration with a faculty or staff project advisor.  Research is defined in a broad context to include any scholarly, creative, entrepreneurial, or civic activity and is not limited to the traditional concept of empirical research.  The project must be completed prior to the middle of April 2016 when the student is expected to present his/her findings at the Graduate Research Seminar which will be held at Clarion University in April 2016  This is an activity of the Clarion University Academic Excellence Series.

In those instances where the project is on-going, the student will provide/present the current status of the project at the 2016 seminar with final results presented in the following year's research seminar.  The funds are to support student projects; there are no provisions for faculty compensation.  Projects can be those of one student or a team of students. 

The application must include the graduate research/project grant form, graduate research/project budget form, and the student's resume.  Links to those forms are provided below.  The proposal must also have a written letter of support from a faculty or staff project advisor, who may sponsor only three projects in a funding cycle.  The proposal should follow the prescribed format as outlined on the grant form page.  In multidisciplinary projects, several faculty or staff may act as project advisors.  Late proposals, incomplete proposals, or those not sponsored by a faculty or staff project advisor will not be considered. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at +1 814 393 2774.  One copy of the proposal should be sent  by one of the following ways:

1) Collect all materials electronically and E-mail to


2) A hard copy may be sent to the following:

Graduate Studies Office
Wenda Strickenberger
122 Carrier
840 Wood Street
Clarion, PA 16214

Dr. Janis M. Jarecki-Liu
Chair, Graduate Student Research Grants Committee

Guidelines and Instructions for Student Research Application (undergraduate and graduate) 2016            

Graduate Student Grant Proposal Form
Graduate Research Project Budget Form

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University-Wide Faculty Development Committee Information: Grant Proposals

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Amy Esterhuizen, +1 814 393 2162.


Clarion University Community Fellows

Clarion University and its Venango Campus recognize the importance of strengthening their public mission and wish to instill and celebrate the value of partnering with community members, and non-profit organizations. Proposal ideas and categories include: People and Communities, Economic Development, Local Government Finance and Administration, Community Service, Natural Resources and Environment, Rural Values and Social Change, Education Outreach, and Health and Welfare Concerns. Clarion University will award grants up to $1,000 to community partners who propose a project in conjunction with a tenured or tenure-track faculty member or full time staff member.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Amy Esterhuizen, 122 Carrier Hall, Clarion University or e-mail to: + 814 393 2162.

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