Taste-T-Freeze Clarion County

You learn things in school and you sit. You’re told how to do things, but it’s quite different when you have to actually do things yourself.


Tiffany Horner, a junior business major at Clarion University and Union High School graduate, bought a business this year with assistance from the Clarion University Small Business Development Center. Tiffany was employed the past four seasons at the business, Snyder’s Dairy Bar, and heard that the owners were interested in selling the business. Tiffany had always dreamed of owning her own business and with her Clarion University business education felt she was ready to purchase and manage her own business.

While attending classes at Clarion University, Tiffany became aware of the Clarion University SBDC Program and called and registered for the First Step seminar they hold in Clarion, Pennsylvania. Tiffany completed the three-hour First Step training on how to start or purchase your own business and the steps involved in developing a business plan.


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After completing the Clarion University SBDC First Step seminar, Tiffany developed her rough draft of her business plan. The Clarion University SBDC assisted Tiffany with market and industry research, constructing a detailed business plan and financing options. This helped Tiffany understand the profit potential of the business and seasonal fluctuations she would likely encounter. With the assistance of the Clarion University Small Business Development Center, Tiffany completed a detailed business plan and acquired funding from the Summerville Brothers Economic Development Loan Fund of $50,000 to purchase the existing Snyder’s Dairy Bar ice cream/snack shop.

Tiffany opened her new business on April 20, 2015 and renamed it Taste-T-FreezeTaste-T-Freeze offers three flavors of ice cream, very delicious fresh-cut fries, and three signature hamburgers. The hamburgers are very popular and include: mushroom swiss burger, double barrel burger, and the western burger. Taste-T-Freeze employs Tiffany as the one full-time manager and five part-time employees. Taste-T-Freeze is open 7 days a week until 9 pm. Tiffany hopes that Taste-T-Freeze will continue to be a growing business, where there is a sufficient opportunity for creating new jobs and employee growth.

The SBDC assisted us in every step to complete our business plan!"


-Tiffany Horner,