Landmark Business in Forest County Has New Owner

Published on July 5, 2017

arrowhead outdoors
Arrowhead Outdoors & Hardware

Arrowhead Outdoors & Hardware (formerly Forest Hardware), located in Tionesta, has been serving the community for 110 years! When the existing owner of 35 years decided it was time to retire he decided to approach Eric Van Dyke to gauge his interest.

Eric Van Dyke is the local business owner of Arrowhead Outdoors, LLC, a hunting and sporting goods store that opened in 2015. Ironically, Eric’s landlord had just given notice that he planned to raise his monthly rent again and Eric was ready to look for a new location to house his business.  Eric knew that Forest Hardware was a community staple and if he did some reorganization and utilized the space more efficiently he could combine both businesses under one roof.

Eric knew of the SBDC program from utilizing their services when he opened Arrowhead Outdoors, LLC in 2015.  Eric initially used the SBDC program to assist him with start-up registrations of the sporting goods store. He decided to utilize their advice again with how he should structure expanding his business to include the hardware store, assistance with the steps of hiring employees, and continued support with QuickBooks. In addition, he wanted to know if the business was worth the seller asking price. 

"The Clarion University SBDC has helped me in many ways from organizing my business to advertising advice. When I have a business question the first thing I do is call the SBDC."

– Eric Van Dyke
Arrowhead Outdoors, LLC

Eric took over Forest Hardware on May 6, 2017 and renamed the business Arrowhead Outdoors & Hardware. This resulted in saving four full-time jobs in the community and has allowed Eric to grow his existing business