In 2016 Campfire Innovations began working with Clarion University's SBDC on a business plan. A year later, their product is being sold in Rural King locations.


Campfire Innovations are now in Rural KingName and location
Campfire Innovations, LLC—St. Marys, Pennsylvania

Product description
Campfire Innovations, LLC is the creator of Hollow Logs, an engineered fire log that creates a true no fuss fire. Hollow Logs produce a clean burning, hot fire in just seconds. Hollow Logs are made from re-purposed natural materials that are safe to cook over. You can enjoy Hollow Logs anywhere you enjoy traditional firewood. From indoor fireplaces to outdoor camping trips, Hollow Logs are always the most convenient and enjoyable option for a great fire experience.  With two different sizes to choose from, Hollow Logs are perfect to use as a starter log or on its own as a one log campfire.

Hollow Logs from Campfire InnovationsWhat sets your business apart?
Campfire Innovations is unique because we only use all natural materials to create our products.  The three hole chimney style log is a patent pending technology that provides the user with a very quick starting, hot, and clean burning fire.

How will you be celebrating Small Business Saturday/Global Entrepreneurship Week (any online specials, giveaways, etc.?)
We plan to attend the Holiday Bizarre in Saint Marys, PA and offer raffle baskets with our products. During small business week we will be doing a Facebook promotion with a giveaway basket! Please visit us at Campfire Innovations LLC on Facebook for more information.

Campfire Innovations, LLC.

PHONE | (814)-331-9013