Mary and Ryan Brown have worked with the SBDC from day one to ensure their business was a success. From starting a business to trainings and assistance with marketing, the Clarion University SBDC has provided BrownBark Tree Service with support since 2013.


Ryan Trimming a giant white pine treeName and location
BrownBark Tree Service - Clarion, PA

Product Description
BrownBark Tree Service serves Clarion and surrounding counties. We offer tree removal, pruning, and stump grinding services. We strive to advocate for enactment of proper industry standards, and educate the public on proper tree care and the importance of trees in everyone's lives.

squirrel-carving-on-stumpWhat sets your business apart?
There are a number of things that set our tree care business apart. Besides Ryan's exciting career as a wildland firefighter that led he and his wife to start this business, Ryan is a climbing arborist. We do not use bucket trucks, instead Ryan uses ropes and rigging to climb trees, which enables BrownBark Tree Service the ability to reach any tree, anywhere; especially places that are inaccessible to bucket trucks and heavy equipment.

BrownBark Tree Service is also set apart through a whimsical touch that first started out as a bit of fun. Ryan rough-cut carves the company's mascot, a squirrel, into the remaining stump after removing a tree. Children especially love having their very own "pet" squirrel to name, and it's fun to "spot the squirrels" while driving around Clarion and surrounding countryside.

BrownBark Tree Service celebrates small businesses as much as possible, all throughout the year. We do this by frequenting our local stores in our neighborhood of Knox, PA. There is a wonderful variety of locally owned small businesses in this area of Pennsylvania, with many of the owners working their own stores. The pride and love for their business and what they provide--goods & services with a friendly face--creates an exponentially better experience than simply defaulting to a big box store or commercially owned, characterless corporation.

How will you be celebrating Small Business Saturday/Global Entrepreneurship Week (any online specials, giveaways, etc.?)

Small businesses and the small business experience are a big part of what makes Pennsylvania great. Small business, to us, is where friendships are cultivated, memories are made, and traditions are kept. If we want this way of life to continue and thrive, we have to show our support. If you care about the community you live in: shop local, shop small.


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