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CSA selects textbook provider, CU store continues to sell merchandise

May 7, 2021

CU merchandiseFollowing a competitive bidding process, the Clarion Students’ Association has selected as its new virtual textbook provider.

Changing textbook providers does not spell the end of the Clarion University Store, however.

“Contrary to the rumors that have been making their rounds, the Clarion University Store is not closing,” said CSA Executive Director Sandra Machokas. “While we are transitioning textbook providers, it is CSA’s intent to continue to run a self-operated, spirit-wear, merchandise and convenience retail operation.”

Machokas added that CSA is currently in talks with the university regarding the possibility of relocating the store on campus.

Following a competitive bidding process, the Clarion Students’ Association selected as its new, virtual textbook provider.

Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, is a premier online retailer of course materials and digital content serving over 250 colleges and universities. In addition to having the ability to choose the course material option that works for them: rental, used, new or eBook; students can also feel confident in the value they are receiving, as’s innovative course material solutions site utilizes dynamic internet pricing and adjusts the cost of materials on a daily basis.

“CSA chose to be the new textbook provider because we wanted to focus on the students' needs and wishes regarding affordability and customer service,” said Kathryn Robinson, CSA Business Operations Committee chair. “Through the many proposals and presentations from vendors, it is our belief that is best positioned to meet the needs of Clarion's students.” will succeed Follett, who acquired the Nebraska Book Company’s retail division in 2015, as the Clarion University Store’s textbook provider and is supporting the summer session text book and course material sales. Students taking summer 2021 courses can now visit eCampus’s website to find their textbooks and course materials. Follett’s last day open to the public with be Friday, May 21. The Follett Clarion Store website ( will close around Tuesday, May 18. Customers who have purchased gift cards have until May 21 to use them in-store. After that date, gift cards can still be used online or in-store at any other Follett campus.

Organized in 1947, CSA is a non-profit tax-exempt entity organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is recognized as an affiliated entity of Clarion University in accordance with the policies of the State System Board of Governors’. CSA provides services that enhance student and community life through the stewardship of its members’ activity fee and resources in a supportive and innovative manner, advancing the extracurricular and professional opportunities offered to the students of Clarion University.
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