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Designated housing allows Clarion students to bring pets to college

February 18, 2019

Until recently, heading off to college has meant leaving Fido or Fluffy at home, but this fall, Clarion University students will be permitted to bring their pets with them.

The university has established an animal friendly living learning community where upperclassmen can bring cats, dogs (weighing less than 40 pounds when fully grown), birds, fish, chinchillas or small reptiles, to name a few. Living learning communities provide an opportunity for students with common interests to live in specially designated buildings or sections of buildings.

"We hope offering this LLC will provide the opportunity for our residents to bring their pets to school and assist with their college transitions," said Jenn Dutkiewicz, director of residence life services. "Many of our students have pets they miss dearly when they are in school, and this will allow them to continue their care."

petsFor the 2019-20 academic year, Brooke Trout in Reinhard Villages will host the new LLC. The housing is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Students must complete paperwork before bringing the pet; a $200 fee is required per academic year. Animals must have current vaccines and veterinary records. A student may not obtain a large pet (purchased, fostered, adopted or stray) while a current residential student at Clarion University. More information is available at

The university has also created a living learning community for students interested in all aspects of gaming. The community seeks to integrate the social aspects of gaming and to involve the campus community in gaming events. A dedicated space with some consoles and games is provided, and students may suggest events they would like to bring to the community. The gaming LLC is open to all students and is located in Suites on Main North.

Additional living learning communities include: Business/Information Sciences, Discover U, Judgment Free, Quiet Living, Health and Human Services, Honors, Live Active and STEM. For information, visit

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