Learn to Make 2-Dimensional Video Games in GameMaker Studio 2

June 15 – July 17, 2020

Love playing video games?  Interested in learning how to make them?  Well now you can! In the last few decades, video games have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. This 5-week online summer camp, with no prior programming knowledge assumed, will teach you how to make 5 simple PC video games from the comfort of your own home, one for each week:

  1. A breakout-style game, where you destroy bricks using a ball and a paddle
  2. A top-down shooter game, where you pilot a ship and destroy enemies
  3. A merge game, where you merge together objects to create other objects
  4. A maze game, where you navigate a maze containing items and obstacles
  5. A simple platforming game, reminiscent of the classics such as Super Mario or Sonic

Using GameMaker Studio 2, you will learn not only to create and program these base 2-dimensional games, but also be provided with additional challenges and ideas for how to expand the games and truly make them your own.  Although we will be focusing on the programming, you will see how you can not only use imported sprite-based graphics from others, but also how your own sprites can be made and incorporated into the game, making the possibilities for your created games endless.

With the GameMaker Studio 2 permanent developer license (the separate cost of $99 listed below), you will be able to keep developing and improving upon your games long after the camp has concluded.  Your creations will be yours to keep and show off forever. 

Registration: $200


Additional cost for materials: $99 dollars paid directly to YoYo Games, the creators of GameMaker Studio 2. Purchase required software

For more information visit: www.clarion.edu/ce

Last Updated 4/29/20