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The Role and Responsibilities of the Office of International Programs (OIP)
The implementation and administration of study abroad programs is a collaborative and consultative process. The primary parties involved in the process consist of the faculty director/leader, his or her department's chair and college dean, and the Office for International Programs (OIP). Each of these entities has specific roles in the process. The information provided below is intended to familiarize the university community with the role and duties of OIP in planning or implementing study abroad programs.

Early Consultation
Any faculty member may propose and develop a study abroad program. From the inception of the proposal (usually 18 months or more before the program dates), the faculty director should consult with the Assistant Vice President for International Programs and his/her Department, or College Dean. Please see the handbook for further details. 

Study Abroad Proposal
The faculty director prepares the study abroad program proposal. The proposal should clearly specify the justification, objectives, content, cost, and location of the program, as well as the faculty who will teach or administer the program.

Affiliation Agreement
Any faculty member may propose or initiate discussions regarding an Affiliation Agreement with an international university or educational entity. OIP is the primary coordinator of Affiliation Agreement s and, as such, the Assistant Vice President for International Programs, herein after referred as the Director, must be consulted from the inception of the discussion. Based on PASSHE's sample, the director, in turn, will craft the agreement, and, with due consultation, finalize the agreement for the appropriate university's signatories.

OIP serves as the primary liaison among the faculty director of study abroad programs, his/her academic department and deans' office, prospective participants, the accounting office, financial aid office, insurance, and other campus departments and agencies in the planning and implementation of study abroad programs. The nature of the program often determines which OIP staff will provide the assistance.

Following consultation with the department chair and the college dean, the faculty director should request a meeting with the OIP Staff as soon as he/she decides to explore the development of a new study abroad program. The range of services provided by the OIP staff include:

  • Developing plans and budgets for the program;
  • Explaining the process for consultation with deans on the issues of minimum student enrollment, faculty salaries, and credits for the students;
  • Developing a recruitment plan for the program;
  • Advising on the process for visas, insurance or any other immigration regulations as appropriate;
  • Explaining the process on transfer credits and quick admit;
  • Completing the Study Abroad application process;
  • Compliance with export control and embargo laws of United States;
  • Assisting with the Pre-Departure and Re-Entry planning.

Deposits, Finances and Payments
Except for the tuition to be deposited to the student's Clarion account, OIP should process all financial deposits for the study abroad programs. OIP will assist the faculty director with processing all other program expenses.

Compliance with International Trade and Export Control Laws and Regulations

The University and all of its members are responsible for compliance with the export control and embargo laws and regulations of the United States.  These laws and regulations make it a personal responsibility to abide by the US export laws and embargoes which implement national security, economic, and foreign policy.  Failure to complete the International Travel Request Form (see link below) and secure the approval of the form prior to international travel as required will obligate the traveler to personally assume all responsibilities related to the travel, financial, legal or otherwise. 

International Travel Request Form & FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Spring Newsletter for Export Control

Export Control Laws are federal regulations that restrict the transfer of certain materials, technology, related technical data, and certain services outside the United States in the interest of protecting the national security and domestic economy. A committee of grant directors is currently developing procedures for compliance with 1) Export Administration Regulations implemented by the Department of Commerce, 2) International Traffic in Arms Regulations implemented by the Department of State and 3) Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control economic and trade sanctions which protect foreign policy and national security goals.

Orientation & Pre-Departure
In consultation with the faculty director of the study abroad program, OIP will conduct a Pre-Departure orientation program for all participating students in a short- or long- term program. Pre-Departure orientation is complemented by program-specific meetings that offer guidance on how to complete the study abroad application and other related forms. Study Abroad Fairs are also held during each semester for students and faulty interested in study abroad.

Health Insurance
OIP administers the enrollment process for the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) for all CU students participating in credit-bearing study abroad programs.

CU offers the Provost International Scholar Award for CU students only. The scholarship is administered by the International Advisory Council and the application forms are accessible online (see websites of the Provost and Deans' Offices). Other scholarships may be available from specific programs such as the Daegu University Scholarship. (OIP encourages all faculty to advise students to check on the listing of scholarships that is accessible via OIP's website).

OIP encourages all faculty directors to ensure that international institutions be reminded of the need to send the grade directly to the university's Registrar Office. The transfer of credits should take effect immediately following the conclusion of the semester or study abroad program

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