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International Advisory Committee Members

 The following individuals are the members of the International Advisory Committee.

V. Aravind, Ph.D.

V. AravindV. Aravind, Ph.D., is a professor of physics and is originally from Chennai, India, which is also is home to Marina Beach, one of his favorite places in the world. He grew up near Marina Beach and has fond memories of playing cricket there with his friends when he was in middle school. Another favorite for him is Valencia, Spain, because it’s where he first traveled in a high-speed train. He fondly remembers the gorgeous landscapes he came across traveling from Madrid to Valencia. Kanyakumari, India, also is on his list of favorites because it is one of the few places in the world where you can see the sunrise in the mornings and sunset in the evenings. It is a place where three seas (Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and Bay of Bengal) meet. It’s a serene place which shows all water is one and all people are one and he has fond memories of traveling to this place when he was young. The places he still hopes to see are Sydney, Australia; Cairo, Egypt; and Banff, Canada. He enjoys playing chess, fiddling around with a musical keyboard, and singing classical Indian music. “International Programs interest me because I came to the United States as an international student. This experience was my very first visit abroad, after living about 26 years in my home country. I was amazed to see how diverse the world is. I got a chance to interact with people from many different nationalities, taste various cuisines, participate in many cultural events, and this changed my world view and has made me a better person overall.” 

D.J. Bevevino

D.J. BevevinoD.J. Bevevino is the associate director of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Athletics Compliance coordinator originally from Cherry Point, North Carolina. His favorite places in the world are any place where his children and grandchildren are. He still hopes to see are Serratretta, Italy (home of his great-grandfather, an orphan who emigrated to the United States), and Machu Picchu, Peru. His interests and hobbies include golfing, reading and crossword and jigsaw puzzles. "International Programs interest me because we are seeing an influx of international student-athletes. I am curious as to how and why they chose Clarion University to continue their athletic careers. The cultural diversity is a benefit to all members of any team that has an international teammate."

Diana Brush

Diana BrushDiana Brush is the career professional for health sciences, life and environmental sciences, physical sciences and math, library science, nursing and the pre-professional programs. She spent her first year as international student at the Universite Catholique de L'Ouest de France and then earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is a former advisor of the Clarion International Association (CINTA). She enjoys spending time with her Springer Spaniel, gardening, cooking, traveling with her husband, and searching for bargains at antique and consignment shops. "I enjoy coaching students on resume development, job search strategies, graduate school application, professionalism, etiquette and more!"

Natasha Dias, ph.d.

Natasha DiasNatasha Dias, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of biology and is originally from Pune, India. Her favorite places are in nature and she lists seeing the glaciers of Alaska as her best life-time experience. She also loved spending time at the beaches of Goa, India, and at the beaches of the Outer Banks, South Padre, San Francisco, San Diego and Myrtle Beach in the United States. Historical landmarks such as Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and Montmorency Falls in Canada are among her other favorite places to visit. She still hopes to visit Hawaiian volcano sites and Europe. Her interests include swimming, baking and spending time with her family and dog. "International Programs interest me because I came to the U.S. in 2009 as an international graduate student. While pursuing my degree, I had the opportunity to interact with many other international students. While we each had a different cultural diversity to share, our struggles of trying to fit in the American way of life was similar. Through the International Programs Office, I hope to make the college experience for an international student more welcoming."

YooJin Ha, Ph.D.

YooJin HaYooJin Ha, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Information and Library Science. She is originally from Masan, South Korea, and her favorite places in the world are Yellowstone in the United States and Cebu, Philippines. She still hopes to visit Italy and Thailand. Her interests and hobbies include visiting libraries and museums and watching Korean dramas. "International programs interest me because as being an international student and faculty for a long time, I want to help students who are or will be overseas for their studies and experiences."


Young-Gyoung Kim, Ed.D.

Young-Gyoung KimYoung-Gyoung Kim, Ed.D., is a professor in special education and disability policy studies. Originally from South Korea, her favorite places in the world are South Korea, France and the Netherlands. She still hopes to see Australia, Greece and Israel. Her interests and hobbies include hiking, camping and reading. "International programs interest me because I came to the states as an exchange student, and International Programs was a crucial part of my life when I was a doctoral student. I would like to help other international students and the international program of Clarion University based upon my experience and expertise."

Andy Lingwall, Ph.D.

Andy LingwallAndy Lingwall, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Communication. Originally from Northfield, Minnesota, his favorite places include Benijo Beach in Tenerife, Canary Islands and the Shilthorn in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland. He still hopes to visit New Zealand, Estonia, and Italy. His interests include international travel, boating, bicycling, and jamming on his electric guitar with friends. As a Professor in the Department of Communication at Clarion, he specializes in public relations and strategic communications. His research agenda focuses on public relations education and student writing skills in programs of journalism and mass communication. Recently, he was selected by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication to be a Scripps Howard Foundation Visiting Professor in Social Media. He worked at ABC-15 in Phoenix to learn new social media techniques practiced by today's journalists. In 2017, he co-authored "The Basics of Media Writing: A Strategic Approach," a textbook for SAGE Publications. International study and travel are among his passions. In 2019, he taught a series of graduate seminars in Strategic Communication at Catholic University in Lille, France. He also spent a month near Madrid, Spain, teaching an international PR course at Universidad de Alcala. During his sabbatical in 2017, he conducted PR research in Denmark and taught in Warsaw, Poland. He has visited around a dozen countries and counting. "I love seeing how international study and travel can transform the lives of our students at Clarion University. International programs are especially important at a small university located in a remote area of our state."

Miguel Olivas-Lujan, Ph.D.

Miguel Olivas-LujanManagement and Marketing Professor Miguel Olivas-Lujan, Ph.D., is from Parral, México, a small city in a state with a famous name: Chihuahua. His favorite place is where he can see himself or a family member experiencing new food, drink or music that locals consider their favorite and is not easy to find elsewhere! He also enjoys every place where people meet with smiles and try to understand each other with words that are unfamiliar to one or more of them. Places he still hopes to see are too numerous to list, but include old churches, museums, mountains, and valleys across the ocean or the interstate. His interests and hobbies include international travel, playing guitar or a keyboard, listening to soft music, reading, walking, visiting new places, tasting new flavors (especially when he can do it with his wife, a family member, or a friend). "International programs interest me because its offerings change minds! Students (both local and foreign) get to experience places they did not know existed and those simple interactions increase the chances that our world will be a more peaceful and prosperous place for all. Besides, my first professional job was at an International Programs office!"

Natalie Ortz

Natalie OrtzNatalie Ortz serves as the International Programs advisor and Study Abroad coordinator. Originally from Denver, Colorado, her favorite place in the world is Hawaii, but she still hopes to visit Ecuador, Spain, France and Italy. Her interests and hobbies include playing with her dogs, gardening, and hanging out with her husband. Ortz is interested in international programs and because, "I love learning about different places and cultures!"



Nripendra Singh, Ph.D.

Nripendra SinghMarketing professor Nripendra Singh, Ph.D., is originally from India and lists Lucknow, India, as one of his favorite places in the world in addition to Las Vegas, Nevada, and Kathmandu, Nepal. He still hopes to visit Switzerland, Brazil and South Africa. His interests and hobbies include horse riding, cooking Indian cuisine, and visiting places. "International programs interest me because I know what it means and feels when you are an international student or scholar, so I want to help make them feel at home. Additionally, there is immense importance of international program at any higher education institution both from economic and cultural perspective. I wish to help international students and scholars by being part of the international program, which directly benefits my institution (Clarion University)."

Sandra Trejos, Ph.D.

Sandra TrejosSandra Trejos, Ph.D., is a professor of Economics originally from San José, Costa Rica. Her favorite place is any place where people enjoy freedoms and where people can be and do. She hopes to see places where communities thrive and people are satisfied with their lives. Her interests and hobbies include being outdoors and under the sun, planting flowers, reading books about life, and spending time with family and friends. "I believe in international education, exposing ourselves to other ways of communicating, living and doing business. I think we can learn from each other across borders on aspects as varied as cuisine, language, ways of protecting our environment, health care, education – the list is endless."


Last Updated 4/5/22