Assessment Documents and Resources


Guide to Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (updated Fall 2018)

The guide contains important information about the essentials of program assessment at Clarion University. It also contains a model program assessment report and tips for developing an action plan. Any faculty member developing a program assessment plan should read the guide.

Accredited Program Assessment Reporting Rubric

University Program Assessment Brief Report 2018

This report outlines overall strengths of academic program assessment and areas of concern. It also includes lists of participating programs for 2017-2018, organized by college.


Founders Students

The following reports represent focused efforts to assess General Education at Clarion University, including the assessment of General Education flags and methods of placement in first-year English and Math courses:

General Education Report Summer 2018


Assessment activities are meaningful only to the extent that they inform improvement at Clarion University.  This web site details the ongoing improvement efforts at the institution in response to the assessment of the original plans.  Such improvements include broad updates to significant university plans, as well as improvements to internal processes.

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